CSA Week 22, last Summer Share

October 30, 2017 Week 22 of 22 October 30, November 1 and 3 FINAL EDITION Dear friends, Somehow another season has come and gone for the MHOF Summer CSA. It is clear that we are near the end when some of the bags seem to be disintegrating under the weight of produce (the Brussels sprouts

CSA Week 19

October 9, 2017 Week 19 of 22 October 9, 11, 13 Dear 2017 CSA Members, I am not sure why I seem more busy than ever before this year, with the upshot of very infrequent newsletters, but apologize for the lack of communication. I wanted to let you Monday folks know that indeed, we are

CSA Week 14

September 2, 2017 CSA Week 14 – September 5, 6, 8 Dear 2017 CSA Members, Some folks have two bags Especially if you have eggs and especially if you get two eggs, you are likely to have two bags for awhile. Your extra bag will be a paper bag and we will make every effort

CSA Week 12

August 21, 2017 CSA Week 12 – August 21, 23, 25 Dear 2017 CSA Members, New life Yes, Clare did finally give birth to Margaret on August 10. 10 days late according to the calendar, but on her own 7 ½ lb. schedule. She was a bit hung up because of a cord around her

CSA Week 10

August 6, 2017 CSA Week 10 – August 7, 9, 11 Labor Day Alert – The CSA will run that day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Dear 2017 CSA Members, This week was punctuated by a lot of rain – a massive storm on Wednesday and then off and on downpours yesterday, and now quite

CSA Week 9

July 29, 2017 CSA Week 9 – July 31, August 2, 4 Dear 2017 CSA Members, Sorry to miss you last week. Weekends are sometimes just too full for me to find a time to write. We are slipping in August already, and I have to say that July was not the horrendously hot month

CSA Week 7

Dear 2017 CSA Members, Jack and I are back, and have been for a week, but life was too crowded last week end to get a newsletter out. I hope you are all enjoying this summer. There are some hot days, but gosh, a couple of days ago we were cold when we weren’t working.

CSA Week 4

June 24, 2017 CSA Week 4 – June 26, 28, and 30 CSA Week 5 – Next week of July 4 we will run as usual – July 3, 5 and 7 – Julie and Jack on vacation and Brent holding the fort Dear 2017 CSA Members, Speaking of vacations, if you will be away

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Many Hands Organic Farm has been in existence since 1982 and has been selling to the public since 1985. We were first certified organic by the Massachusetts chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association in 1987.