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  • February 1 News from the Farm!

    Dear Friends,

                January is a time to plow through lots and lots of deskwork – seed ordering, supply ordering, budgets, plans for animals, fertility, staffing decisions, and we are plugging away. A little late to announce the CSA and meat offerings for 2017, but here it is!

    Many Hands CSA

                We love our CSA and our CSA customers. For 22 weeks you get an amazing array of the highest quality produce and we enter into a close food relationship, sharing recipes, thoughts, farm news and your news.

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  • Meat, Eggs, and So Much More!

    January 18, 2017

    Dear Many Hands Farm Friends and Customers,

                I would like to apprise you of all the fine products we have available in our freezers and on our shelves.

    Chickens – 6-7 lbs. - $6.50/lb.


    • Ground pork - $9.50/lb. package
    • Roasts of all types (3-4 lbs. average)- $9.50/lb.
    • Regular Style Ribs (about 3-4 lbs.)- $9.50/lb.

    Lard – A superior source of vitamin D - $20/qt.


    • Ground - $10/lb.
    • Stew - $10/lb.
    • Strip steak - $
    • Rib eye steak - $13/lb.
    • Shank soup bones - $6/lb.
    • Short ribs - $10/lb.


    • $7/dozen – become a regular customer and we are happy to sell eggs to

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  • 2017 MHOF CSA Shares Now Available

    No time like now to sign up to become a member of the Many Hands Organic Farm CSA. This is our 26th season and we know how to do it! Each year you get more for your money as our overall weights are climbing for produce delivered while prices stay the same. And you can’t beat the taste and nutrition of our super nutrient dense produce. You will receive vegetables, fruit and herbs with eggs as an add-on.

    Here are a handful of testimonials from our CSA shareholders this year –

    “Absolutely beautiful!  Getting this CSA share has been one of our best decisions along with getting the fresh eggs.

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  • Please Consider a Donation to the Many Hands Sustainability Center

    Each year at this time, we ask our farm customers to consider making a donation to support the work of the Many Hands Sustainability Center (MHSC).  Through the MHSC, we are able to take the risk of hiring recovering addicts who are not yet re-integrated into society.  It is a win-win relationship for both sides, because we are able to benefit from the contributions they bring to our farm, while at the same time we are able to help folks get back on their feet.  Please follow this link to learn about the highlights of 2016, and to make a donation.  Thank you.   --Julie and Jack

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  • Turkey Time Is Here Again!

    Dear friends,

                As has been our practice for more than 2 decades, we are again raising certified organic pasture raised turkeys for Thanksgiving. We love these raucous and nosey birds that move toward people, as opposed to chickens who move away. They started life inside in the brooder house with a nice array of certified organic feed, a shovelful of garden dirt, some dandelion greens and comfrey each day. They moved onto range after one month of age and have been moved daily since then. For the next 6-8 weeks we continued to bring them comfrey to go along with the grain.

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  • 2016 CSA Shares Still Available!

    You can still order a CSA share with Many Hands Organic Farm at a decreasing price each week.  Prices are as follows:

    - Week of August 22: Large - $320, Medium - $205, Delivery - $16.50

    - Week of August 29: Large - $290, Medium - $185, Delivery - $15

    - Week of September 5: Large - $260, Medium - $165, Delivery - $13.50

    - Week of September 12: Large - $230, Medium - $145, Delivery - $12

    - Week of September 19: Large - $200, Medium - $125, Delivery - $10.50

    - Week of September 26: Large - $170, Medium - $105, Delivery - $9



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  • 2016 CSA Shares Still Available!

    The CSA at Many Hands Organic Farm will start in two weeks on June 6.  We still have medium ($425) and large ($650) shares available.  Please go to the CSA page for more details.  The first share should contain the following luscious items:

    - Mesclun
    - Lettuce
    - Spinach
    - Chives
    - Rhubarb
    - Mint
    - Beets
    - Radishes?

    Don't miss out!  We have the best tasting food in Central Massachusetts!

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  • New Year’s resolution 2016

    Dear Friends of Many Hands Organic Farm,
    I have made a New Year’s resolution to write to you each month this year. This resolution is in part made possible by the “hiring” (for barter) of Kathleen Geary and Roshni Prabakar to help with Mail Chimp deliveries, website management, and generally with office data management – never my forte. Nina Marcinowski remains as our bookkeeper, also for barter. David Petrovick hired on last summer to manage our machinery for us, on an as needed basis, and both Jack and I are thrilled with the relationship.
    Also still on staff are Clare Caldwell – since

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  • CSA Shares and Pre-order Meat now available for 2016

    For the third year running, we will offer a large share and a medium share that will run for 22 weeks. The season will run from June 6 – November 4.
    The shares will include fruit in season as available. Fruit offerings might include apples, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, and pears; this changes yearly.
    The price remains steady at $650 for large shares and $425 for medium shares

    Check the Meat page for our 2016 offerings.

    Beef – certified organic this year!
    We have found a local farm – Clover Springs in West Brookfield, where we can get certified

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  • Pick-Your-Own Organic Apples

    Pick-Your-Own Organic Apples


    Our Orchard


    We planted our first apple trees in 1980 and currently have over 2 dozen mature trees. This has been a bountiful year for them and we are opening the orchard at our certified organic farm for pick-your-own outings for the first time.

    Please call to schedule your harvest. We are open most weekdays and some weekends, but please call if you are interested in visiting here so that you and we both have a great experience! Our number is (978) 355-2853.

    Almost all our apples are unique heritage varieties, which ripen at different times throughout the

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