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CSA Shares and Pre-order Meat now available for 2016

For the third year running, we will offer a large share and a medium share that will run for 22 weeks. The season will run from June 6 – November 4.
The shares will include fruit in season as available. Fruit offerings might include apples, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, and pears; this changes yearly.
The price remains steady at $650 for large shares and $425 for medium shares

Check the Meat page for our 2016 offerings.

Beef – certified organic this year!
We have found a local farm – Clover Springs in West Brookfield, where we can get certified organic calves. Beef will be available in December 2016. Cuts are ranging from $10 - $20/lb., a $1/lb. increase to reflect the significantly larger cost for purchasing these feeder cows.

Egg continue at $7/dozen and available year round, and as an add on to CSA shares. These are arguably the tastiest eggs around. Ask

Old layers (for soup stocks) will be available on October 23rd for $15/bird.

Meat chickens
We will be raising two batches of meat chickens this year with 125 available on July 31st and 125 on October 23rd. These birds always sell out quickly. Order early to avoid disappointment. The price stays steady at $6.50/lb. for an approximately 6 ½ lb. bird. Maximum order of 25 birds.

Meat Chicken feet for stock - $5/2 lb. bag.

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Turkeys stay steady at  $5.50/lb. Hens run 14 - 17 lbs. and toms run 18 - 28 lbs.

We will be raising 8 pigs on the edges of our fields this year and in the orchards. Pork prices range from $9.50/lb. - $  The ham and bacon is not certified organic. This is an increase over last year as we are finding our profit margin to be very low with our pork.

This pork product will cost $25 per quart. This reflects our first price increase in 10 years. You can buy it at the farm or have it shipped. This year you will be able to purchase lard using Paypal.

Tallow (not certified organic)
From last year’s not certified organic cows. This $25/qt. and is available in very limited quantities.

We love to raise them! Though we keep trying to get out of the wedding flower business, we keep re-entering it and last year did two September weddings. Contact us if you would like a quote.

Presently available at the farm:

Beef – not certified organic and from 2015 crop
•    Top round roasts at 4 lbs. - $10/lb.
•    Standing rib roasts at 4 lbs. - $15/lb.
•    Stew beef- $9/lb.
•    Ground beef- $9/lb.
•    Short ribs - $9/lb.
•    10 NY sirloin steak at 4 lbs. - $14/lb.

•    Ham - $14.25/lb. (not certified organic)
•    Bacon ends - $11.25/lb. (not certified organic)
•    Regular style pork ribs - $9.50/lb.
•    Country style ribs - $9.50/lb.
•    Pork chops - $9.50/lb.

Lard - $25/quart

Canned tomatoes - $6/quart

Tallow - $25/quart (not certified organic)

Lavender and Peppermint soap - $6/bar (not certified organic)

Comfrey salve with lavender and beeswax - $8/2 oz. jar and $15/4 oz. jar (not certified organic)


•    Pork - $7.50/qt.
•    Chicken - $7.50/qt.
•    Beef - $7.50/qt. (not certified organic)

Eggs - $7/dozen

Apple Rings – 3 oz. - $5/bag

Dried Peaches – 8 oz. $10/bag

Canned Applesauce - $7/quart

Frozen Applesauce - $6/quart

Canned Juices
•    Apple Juice - $7/quart
•    Grape Juice - $10/quart
•    Plum Juice - $5/pint

Frozen Peaches - $6/lb. in bags of around 2 lbs.

Working Shareholder Opportunities
One of the constituencies of our workforce is working shareholders. For 4 hours of work during the 22 week CSA season  of June 6 – November 4 (M, W, F mornings 7:30am-1pm), volunteers receive as barter one large share of produce. Breakfast and lunch are included. It is a good opportunity for someone interested in learning the CSA process from a hands on perspective (there are some animal chores too), and to become a part of our farm community. We are looking for folks who can work with alacrity, take direction well, enjoy all sorts of weather – much of which is not considered ideal- and are timely and responsible. Contact Julie at or 978-355-2853 for more information.

Year Round Employment Opportunity for a recovering addict/former prisoner
Through the Many Hands Sustainability Center, our non-profit partner organization, we will be hiring an individual for the period between March and December 2016. Applicants must be from the target population of recovering addict and/or former prisoner. Compensation -  $10/hour. Hours vary during the year. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are included. Some wood cutting and management will compliment a broad range of farm chores. Most of our work centers around our vegetable and fruit operation with daily animal chores included. A willing heart and a stepping up to the plate attitude are required.
We invite volunteers on the farm, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, year-round. Call or email ahead.