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February 1 News from the Farm!

Dear Friends,

            January is a time to plow through lots and lots of deskwork – seed ordering, supply ordering, budgets, plans for animals, fertility, staffing decisions, and we are plugging away. A little late to announce the CSA and meat offerings for 2017, but here it is!

Many Hands CSA

            We love our CSA and our CSA customers. For 22 weeks you get an amazing array of the highest quality produce and we enter into a close food relationship, sharing recipes, thoughts, farm news and your news. Join us for another 4 weeks and participate in our late fall CSA for the month of November. You can also add eggs each week. Last year we garnered some strong praise for our food – and I am convinced it is because of our upgraded carbon sequestering growing methods – keeping the microbes happy, it turns out, keeps everyone happy. They have written the book on community collaboration, and as we learn how to “read” it, we can build true human health and well-being through our food.

  • Absolutely beautiful!  Getting this CSA share has been one of our best decisions along with getting the fresh eggs.  
  • I should say weekly applause.  This season to date has been spectacular!  …I am so full of food appreciation and happiness that I'm bursting!  
  • Unpacking my bag on Wednesday was like Christmas morning.
  • And now I have my husband eating so many more veggies. Last weekend he finally admitted he liked squash. But I think it's because it was your squash, so sweet and perfect, that I steamed with parsley for a change.

Meat for 2017 Ordering

            Our meat pages are up to date too, so feel free to start placing orders for 2017 chicken, pork and turkeys (there will be no beefers reaching maturity this year).

2017 Meat in the Freezer

            Call ahead and come and buy from our freezer the products we have in stock

-chicken and pork stock

-pork – ground, roasts, bacon, ham, ribs, lard

-beef – short ribs, soup bones, sirloin strip, rib eye, tenderloin

-whole chickens


NOFA/Mass Bulk Order – order deadline 2/1/17

The Bulk Order is a collective buying program serving farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders with organic growing supplies, from amendments and potting soil to livestock supplements and tools. Onion sets and seed potatoes are also available. Items in the bulk order are vetted by NOFA staff; some items are only available in the Northeast through the bulk order. Orders are shipped to eight pickup sites throughout MA and CT and sorted by volunteers; shipping is therefore included in the bulk price. Volume discounts are available-- order with your neighboring farms, community garden, or garden club to increase your bulk discount. For pickup sites, dates, and ordering visit or download the printable order form at of your purchase goes to support education and advocacy programs with your state NOFA chapter. The bulk order is only open during the month of January. ORDER DEADLINE: February 1st. 


Politics These Days

            It is hard sometimes to get up in the morning these days, wondering what outrageous new executive order will come down from our new president. But I have hope – hope in democratic and grassroots movements of people who believe in the interconnectedness of our humans and our environment. As we all stake our claim on our own form of civic involvement to support vibrant and diverse communities, I encourage you additionally to redouble your efforts to eat food that is raised in a manner that is most in harmony with holistic natural systems. As consumers we have an extreme amount of power in the marketplace to change the way this country does business when it comes to food. The dollar seems to be the most effective speaker when it comes to these things, and we can all turn our dollar expenditures to good.