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Pick-Your-Own Organic Apples

Pick-Your-Own Organic Apples


Our Orchard


We planted our first apple trees in 1980 and currently have over 2 dozen mature trees. This has been a bountiful year for them and we are opening the orchard at our certified organic farm for pick-your-own outings for the first time.

Please call to schedule your harvest. We are open most weekdays and some weekends, but please call if you are interested in visiting here so that you and we both have a great experience! Our number is (978) 355-2853.

Almost all our apples are unique heritage varieties, which ripen at different times throughout the summer and fall. When you come we will tell you which varieties are ripe for picking (usually 4 to 6 at any one time) and give you a chance to sample each so you can find which you prefer.

This year has been unusually good for apples. Normally organic apples in New England experience many cosmetic blemishes because our wet springs support disease spores and an array of insect pests.

These blemishes intimidate many buyers who are used to the perfect-appearing apples achieved using numerous pesticides, or the organic ones shipped in from arid parts of the country like western Colorado or eastern Washington state.

But this spring has been different and many of our apples have grown into beautiful fruit – besides being organic, local, and nutrient dense.  We think our fertility program using micro-nutrients, biological inoculants and diverse cover crops have produced some of the tastiest apples you will have ever eaten. (Our cider tests out at about 13 to 13.5% on the brix scale of sweetness. Normally cider is about 12%.)


Picking Your Own


When you arrive, (after arranging your visit by calling 978-355-2853) park in the driveway and knock on the door. We will welcome you, give you fresh apple samples to taste, a map of the orchard, and bags to pick into. Follow the map to the trees you like (it is only a few hundred feet) pick as many apples as you like into the bags, and return to the house. For the regular bags (about a peck or 10 pounds) you pay $20. For the large bags (about a half bushel or 20 pounds) you pay $30. 

If you would like you are welcome to spend a few minutes visiting our pastured organic turkeys (we are accepting deposits for them for Thanksgiving), our steers (named Spot and Shy) on their lush pasture, or our free-ranging hens (organic eggs are also available – the best you have ever tasted!) We also have cider, frozen and canned apple sauce, canned apple juice, soap, comfrey salve and many other homesteading and farm-based organic products.