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  • Week 2

    Dear shareholders,
    What a smooth first week of the CSA. I hope you all got your food at the right time and the right place. I heard of no snafus and that is great news.
    These days I wake up around 4 am. I am not sure if it was clear many decades ago, that I would continue in the profession of farmer of 75% of my forebears, by my early rising, and early going to bed habits, but they certainly are ingrained. This morning it started with the roosters, a few hundred yards from the house, followed by the early summer birds.

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  • CSA: Week 1

    Starting week – of June 2, 2014
    Ending week – of October 27, 2014
    21 weeks to go
    4th of July Week – Friday, July 4 CSA will be moved to Thursday, July 3
    Labor Day Week – Monday, September 1 CSA will be moved to Tuesday, September 2

    Dear Friends,

    Well, this will be our 23rd year for our CSA. It has gotten more intricate over the years, and now we are kind of back to where we were at the beginning – perhaps that is how life goes. Anyway, this is the first year that we are starting the first week in June and going straight through for 22 weeks.

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  • 2014 CSA Opening Letter

    Hi folks,

    Welcome to the 23rd year of our CSA. You would probably think we have it all figured out by now, but, alas, it seems there is always more to be learned in farming and in life. I can say that we have improved our fertility, our systems, our practices, and our sense of humor over all of those years, but only time will tell whether this is “the best CSA year yet”. Let’s hope!

    We start the CSA on the week of Monday, June 2, then Wednesday (June 4), and Friday (June 6). For some of you this may be your first CSA ever. I hope you like it.

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  • May News on the Farm

    First the marketing promotion – join our summer CSA
    We are now at 50% full for our CSA. If we fill up, we will meet budget with no stress and trauma, and we will be able to devote 95% of our vegetable production to the CSA for the months of June – October. If you have been hesitating about joining, or just not gotten around to it, now is the time to commit. With many improved systems in place, a higher level of organization, bursting fertility and 2 2000’ rolls of row cover, we are poised to bring you the best food you have ever eaten for 22 weeks straight!

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  • Jack on GMOs

    Check out this video of our very own Jack Kittredge talking about GMOs.

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  • April News on the Farm

    Tuesday I turn 61 and that challenging state of entering a new decade is past me. Now I have nothing to do but turn up the gas and go full throttle into this wonderful decade when just doing what one feels is right is easier to accomplish - as childrearing, income generation, and the like, are not so pressing (if you have a husband on social security!). And it is raining – almost April showers! I keep wandering outside, not able any more to contently focus on my mountains of desk work. Spring is finally in the air, and I can’t wait.
    The long March, cold and brutal, was a productive one

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  • March News from the Farm

    Planning to join the CSA this year, but just haven’t gotten around to it? I am confident that our food will be even better tasting this year than last. We have the farm staff from heaven on board this year, are cutting back by ¼ of our space – putting it in full-time cover crops – and are super organized for mulching, inter -sowing, and following very careful rotations of appropriately widely spaced crops. Please make your financial commitment today so we can keep the income flowing as we gear up.  CSA runs from June 2 – October 31.  More details here. And for our 2014 meat offerings, check

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  • Coming Soon!

    Soon you will find these fantastic hoop house winter greens at Living Earth in Worcester-arugula, spinach, and lettuce mix.  February 10!


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  • February News on the Farm

    We have made it to mid-winter in New England. I must say that I enjoy it when winter is doing what it is supposed to do – being cold and snowy. It doesn’t hurt to know that it won’t be around that much longer, of course. Jack and I went for a walk down the road yesterday and were amazed that it was still somewhat light out at 6 pm. Right now we are mostly cutting and storing a lot of firewood, ordering seeds and making plans for where to plant, filling out certification applications, and ordering our various animals for the year.

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  • Pork and Beef Stock Available

    Looking for exquisite health? Try some of our Many Hands Pork Stock and Beef Stock. We boil the various bones and ligaments with well-water, Celtic Sea Salt, and Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar "with the mother" for about a day on top of the wood stove. Then we pull out the bones and give those to the dogs and chickens and run all the particulate matter through the food processor and add it back to the remaining stock. It will make the best soup imaginable!

    We sell it frozen by the quart for $7.50. Contact Julie to puchase either at or 978-355-2853.

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