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October News

The big news around here is the birth of our 5th grandchild – baby no name Kittredge born to Dan and Roshni on October 4. I am sure they will have a name for him soon. Roshni was ecstatic to do this vaginal birth after her two previous Cesareans. Both Dan and Roshni were quite happy with their care at Greenfield hospital. This baby starts life on the same birthday as his Grandma Rangini and second cousin Peter; how nice to have so many relatives directly looking out for you. Meanwhile back on the farm one of the highlights of their 4 days together with Jack and Julie was apple golf that Sammy and Anya and I played last night. It is played by using an electric fence post and swatting the fallen apple into the cow pasture for Butch and Spike to eat. Ah the farm life.
We are running out of things to sell this year. Turkeys are sold out. The beef is temporarily sold out until we see what we end up with. Keep your eyes out in late December or early January for the heads up on any available beef. The fresh frozen pork consists of some kielbasa, pork ribs and pigs feet.  We will have hams and bacon for sale by the end of the month. We have a few chickens in the freezer and a few still available fresh for our October 20 slaughter date. We have frozen peaches in 1 lb bags ($4 each), lard back in stock, and pork stock ($7.50/quart), and quarts of applesauce for $5 also in stock. Soon we will have more comfrey salve (now $8/jar) and peppermint and lavender soap. Give a call (9789) 355-2853) or email to to arrange a purchase. You can still order the chickens on line and also the lard and smoked meat ( We are looking to take on some regular customers for our eggs at $6/dozen. If we don’t turn up enough, we will have stewing hens available later in the year. . . 
Support Julie and Jack as we do a 5K on November 3 to support policy work for NOFA/Mass.
As most of you know, Jack and I have been farming organically for 30+ years, and additionally working for the Northeast Organic Farming Association for almost that 30. Presently I am the Executive Director of NOFA/Mass and Jack edits The Natural Farmer – NOFA’s region-wide quarterly newspaper and serves as Policy Director for NOFA/Mass.
We have been a part of this wonderful “good food” movement for so long because of a deep conviction that local, organic, poison-free, nutrient dense food is a basic right for folks – and because we love to play in the dirt, and make use of nature’s bounty in a thrifty way.
As Monsanto would poison our entire food supply while patenting it and taking it over, the US government would put the squeeze on what minute support for organic exists in the Farm Bill, and present and proposed regulations for food safety would make raising and selling this good food to you the consumer ever more difficult and expensive, NOFA/Mass stands out as one of the voices in the wilderness to keep the channels open between you the customer and us the farmers.
At NOFA/Mass we are doing our first annual Run to raise money to continue our policy work, label GMOs and not let food safety regulations keep good food out of your mouths.
Please consider making a donation to Julie here and Jack here.

For this November 3 run in Lexington. And of course if you would like to run or walk this 5 or 10 event, we would love to have you. It is going to be a fun day. We will be holding up the back end! You can sign up at
We appreciate your support.
Julie and Jack