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CSA Shares and Pre-order Meat now available for 2015


For the second year running, we will offer a large share and a medium share that will run for 22 weeks. The season will run from June 1 – October 30.The shares will include fruit in season as available. Fruit offerings might include apples, peaches, strawberries and pears; this changes yearly.

Meat - Check the Meat page for our 2015 offerings.

Beef -Back from 2013, beef will again be available in December 2015.

Eggs - Egg prices will stay $7/dozen.

Layers - Old layers (for soup stocks) will be available on October 4th for $15/bird.

Meat chickens  - We will only be raising 200 birds this year to be slaughtered on October 4th. Order early to avoid disappointment!

Thanksgiving Turkeys - Price and availability stay the same as last year.

Pork - We will only be raising 6 pigs this year, available around October 24.  Order early to avoid disappointment! 

Lard - Lard will continue to be $20 per quart.

Presently available at the farm:

Eggs- $7/dozen


Pork Stock (with pork)-$5/quart

Soap, peppermint and lavender-$6/bar

Comfrey salve-$8/2 oz. jar

Working Shareholder Opportunities

One of the constituencies of our workforce is working shareholders. For 4 hours of work during the 22 week CSA season (M, W, F mornings 8-noon), volunteers receive as barter one large share of produce. We share lunch at noon in pot luck fashion. It is a good opportunity for someone interested in learning the CSA process from a hands on perspective (there are some animal chores too), and to become a part of our farm community. We are looking for folks who can work with alacrity, take direction well, enjoy all sorts of weather – much of which is not considered ideal- and are timely and responsible. Contact Julie at or 978-355-2853 for more information. Positions usually fill early.

Year Round Employment Opportunity for a recovering addict/former prisoner

Through the Many Hands Sustainability Center, our non-profit partner organization, we will be hiring an individual for the period between March and December 2015. Applicants must be from the target population of recovering addict and/or former prisoner. Compensation -  $10/hour. Hours vary during the year. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are included. Some wood cutting and management will compliment a broad range of farm chores. Most of our work centers around our vegetable and fruit operation with daily animal chores included. A willing heart and stepping up the plate hands are required.