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April News

I write this as I wait outside granddaughter Anya’s acrobatics class. It takes me back 25 or so years when I seemed to be accomplishing all sorts of work while waiting outside classes for one of four of our own children. Cycles of human life, measured often in handfuls of decades are just as precious as the annual cycles of the earth’s life. Jack and I both feel quite blessed to be able to participate in the birth and growth of the next human generation in our family.

February News

I felt the spring in the air on Valentine’s Day. Did you? Winter’s back is about to be broken, and it is fighting for its life, but soon we will be out there planting and starting the wonderful growing season. Clare and I were looking out the window at our huge compost pile (Misty Brook manure and bedding with leaves from the Barre Common and an array of micronutrients mixed in). We noticed that the snow was off of it, although the rest of the field was still under a deep blanket. It is working!
Speaking of fertility – one of my favorite

January News

Welcome to the new year. We are proud to announce the launching of our new website. This is the culmination of a lot of study and design work by Becca Buell from our farm staff. And Paul Kittredge, son number two, who has been our webmaster from the start – in exchange for “taking care of me for the first 18 years” – is passing on the baton. Thank you dear Paul, for your innumerable unpaid hours over the years! Your contributions are irreplaceable.