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Upcoming Workshops


Jack and Julie will be traveling around a bit this winter to do workshops on carbon sequestration and such. You can find us at the  NOFA-NH winter conference on January 28 and NOFA-NJ winter conference on January 29. Jack will be facilitating a panel and the Landscape Heroes: Carbon, Water and Diversity on January 31 - In February Julie will speak to Renee Ciulla’s Organic Vegetable Production class at UMass on February 7 and  we will be speaking at the NOFA- VT winter conference on February 18 and for the NOFA/RI winter conference on March 5. We will round out the NOFA circuit on March11-12 in CT.

We will be speaking at the NOFA Summer Conference August 11-13. Find out more here -

Watch here for more workshops.