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There were two trees standing next to the road and a couple of people walked by together. One tree said to the other, “Do you think those people can communicate with each other?” The other said, “I don’t see how as they don’t have roots.”* Lest I go on ad infinitum about our little chorus, […]


This Thanksgiving, unlike those for the past 40 years, was spent by Jack and me all by ourselves. Yet I don’t think I have ever felt quite so thankful for all the blessings that have come our way, especially in the past week. Last week Jack and I tested positive for Covid, and Anthony too, […]

The Life of a Walk in Cooler

Thinking back to the late fall of 1977 when Jack and I walked into the Mission Hill Food Coop and joined with our 3 month son Dan in arms, I think I would have been surprised if fast forwarding 44 years later I would be in and out of our walk in cooler several times […]

A Garlic Story

Garlic is a crop for which we expend a lot of energy. Perhaps because it is so medicinal and so potent and so popular, and grows out of time with the rest of the crops we treat as annuals, it gets special attention. I write this as I am immersed in the smell of garlic […]

Pushing Oneself

Well, I wish I hadn’t been born that way, sometimes, when I feel this excessive need to strive, to try harder, to be willing (Scott Peck made a wonderful juxtaposition between willfulness and willingness – that statement in his great self-help book titled The Road Less Travelled saved my life) to reach the next rung on the […]