Items currently available at the farm

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Eggs, free range organic eggs at $8/dozen – we newly added free choice kelp to their now full farm free range lifestyle.  Eggs can be picked during store hours.  We do not ship eggs.


Dandelion tincture – 2 ounce bottle, $12

Holy basil tincture – 2 ounce bottle, $12

Burdock tincture – 2 ounce bottle, $12


Yarrow tincture – 2 ounce bottle, $12

 Yellow dock tincture – 2 ounce bottle, $12

 Applesauce, frozen certified organic – just the apples cooked down in water – $7/quart

 Comfrey salve, 2 ounce jar – $8 each

 Hemp salve, 2 ounce jar – $10 each


Garlic powder – $10/2 ounce

Frozen Lard – $20/quart

 Frozen pork stock – $7.50/quart

 Frozen pork cuts – pork chops, regular ribs, ground pork and roasts – $11/lb.