Julie Rawson


  • Coconut oil (available from United Natural Foods or Radiant Life)
  • 1 lb of beef
  • Variety of vegetables
  • Celtic Sea Salt (available from 1-800-Top-Salt)

Saute in coconut oil, one pound of beef. In another frying pan (I always use cast iron because it adds bio-accessible iron to your food) stir-fry in coconut oil 5 large carrots and 3 large beets (both sliced thinly). Add some good Celtic Sea Salt to taste. When these are tender, add thinly sliced sweet potatoes, celery, and red cabbage. Once these have become slightly tender, add in a half bunch of cilantro, one bulb of garlic diced, beet greens finely chopped, and a half a bunch of kale. Give them another minute or two, add the cooked hamburger and serve.