Scallion Dressing

Rhea Yablon Kennedy

<p>When all the ingredients are in the right quantities, this is the most addictive condiment known to humankind. Makes a little over 1 cup. Adapted from <em>The Kripalu Cookbook</em>.</p>


<li>1 bunch scallions, green tops only, cut into 2″ pieces</li>
<li>1-2 tablespoons umeboshi plum vinegar</li>
<li>2-4 tablespoons canola oil</li>
<li>¾ cup water</li>


<p>Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender (or bowl, if you have a hand blender). Puree, taste, and adjust ingredients until it’s adequately delicious. For best results, wait an hour or two for the flavors to develop and taste again.</p>
<p>Great on green salads, rice, soba noodles, home fries, sandwiches, or pretty much anything else. Also great as a dip for samosas, spring rolls, pita triangles…you get the idea.</p>

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