One of the essential constituencies of our workforce is working shareholders. For 4 hours of
work during the 22 week CSA summer season, the 5 week fall CSA season, and throughout the
winter if you desire (M, W, F mornings 8-noon), volunteers receive as barter one large share of
produce during the CSA season. Come for breakfast at 6:30 and stay for lunch. It is a good
opportunity for someone interested in learning the CSA process from a hands on perspective
(there are some animal chores too), and to become a part of our farm community. Vacations and
time off are encouraged. We are always looking for more working shareholders to help us with
the very large CSA harvest, and working shareholders become beloved members of our staff. Contact Julie at or 978-355-2853(h) or 978-257-1192 (cell) for more information.

Working shareholder with our harvest!