Turkey Time Is Here Again!

Dear friends,

As has been our practice for more than 2 decades, we are again raising certified organic pasture raised turkeys for Thanksgiving. We love these raucous and nosey birds that move toward people, as opposed to chickens who move away. They started life inside in the brooder house with a nice array of certified organic feed, a shovelful of garden dirt, some dandelion greens and comfrey each day. They moved onto range after one month of age and have been moved daily since then. For the next 6-8 weeks we continued to bring them comfrey to go along with the grain. Comfrey is a powerhouse of nutrients that the birds relish.

Our turkeys are arguably some of the best tasting birds out there, and they are happy too – well spaced with presently 10 birds in a mobile coops of approximately 100 square feet.

Processing day is Monday, November 21. We will have the birds ready for pick up on Tuesday from noon – 6 and Wednesday from 8 am to noon. We offer a choice of hens and toms. Last year’s hens averaged 16.34 and toms averaged 22.98 lbs. This year the turkey barn of our supplier burned down two days before we were to pick up our poults. So we had to scramble to find poults. I am guessing that hens will average in around 14 lbs and toms around 20. The price remains at $5.50/lb. where it has stayed for several years.

You can down load an order form at https://mhof.net/page/meat-order-form and send it in with your deposit for a hen or tom. As it gets closer to Thanksgiving, give us a call at 978-355-2853 to reserve your order and to confirm that we have the sex of your choice.

We are hoping that you will make one of our turkeys the center of your Thanksgiving experience.

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