Many Hands Organic Farm (MHOF) grows certified organic produce, meat and eggs in Barre, MA (Baystate Organic Certifiers and the Real Organic Project). MHOF has been in existence since 1982 and has been selling to the public since 1985. We are highly diverse, no till, and focus on high quality and nutrient density through practices supporting maximum photosynthesis.

Please help us to meet our goal to provide 16 CSA shares for Worcester Community Fridges.  This year we have an anonymous donor is putting up a $1:$1 match to any donations that are made to MHOF.

Announcing the publication of our book:

This is a memoir of our lives and sometimes risky decisions. We relate our early years, meeting and raising kids, and building the farm, the organic movement and a healthy community. We didn’t always go along with what most Americans were doing, especially in the areas of diet and health care, employment, debt and consumerism, energy use, and culture. In this book we explain what we did, why we did it, and how it turned out. We hope it is both entertaining and helpful to people wanting to fashion a purposeful life.

– Jack and Julie

Order your book directly from us by sending a check of $29, which includes shipping.

Make check payable to MHSC, 411 Sheldon Rd., Barre MA 01005.  We will mail a signed copy of the book to you.  $12.50 of your order goes Many Hands Sustainability Center.

“This book offers a window into living a life of meaning, rooted in integrity, values, critical thinking, and persistent effort. . . . [ Jack and Julie] have also shown me and so many others how to love across difference, how to tell the truth, and what it is to live well.”

Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge

co-owners of Many Hands Organic Farm

Photo by Oliver Scott Snure

We still have a few CSA shares available at prorated prices

Order by midnight on Saturday to receive your summer share.  Email Julie at julie@mhof.net to place your order and we will send an invoice to be paid via paypal.

Order by date and price listed below:

 Large  Medium  Small
6/16/2024  $          753  $          565  $          454
6/23/2024  $          717  $          535  $          431
6/30/2024  $          681  $          505  $          408
7/7/2024  $          645  $          475  $          385

Upcoming Workshops:

Homestead Carpentry

  • Saturday, June 15, 2024
  • 9am-12 with pot luck lunch
  • Price: $50-$100 – sliding scale
  • Presenter: John Wilson, with some help from Jack Kittredge and Danny LeBlanc

There’s a time in every homesteader’s life when some carpentry is needed to build or repair something made of wood.  This workshop will provide a solid grounding in getting started. Very basic questions will be explored in a setting that requires no knowledge of woodworking.

Topics will include: how to select the right lumber for your task, how to measure it and cut it to size, the options for fastening it together, and making a good assembly.  Each topic will cover the tools needed, with a demonstration of technique, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.  Emphasis will be on hand tools where feasible.

While in his 20s, John Wilson was a carpenter for 10 years.  He worked on framing apartments, finish work in condos, a cabinet shop, and built two houses.  He’s kept active in carpentry remodeling work in the intervening years, and was part of the MHOF garage and chicken coop renovations the past two years.  He has always had an appreciation for tools and techniques.


When the Pigs Get Out!

First, I try to get them in by myself. Then I ask Jack to come help, and then I call in the big guns and ask Dan to make the ½ hour trip over to help me get them back in. At this writing, he hasn’t come yet, but I am quite confident that the […]

THE CSA Cycle Starts Again

Today starts our 2024 Summer CSA. For the next 26 weeks (22 for summer and 4 for fall) we know what we will be doing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. We started our CSA in 1992 so this will be year 33. We may be one of the oldest continuous CSAs in the […]

Memorial Day

I think I have noted before that I have been marching in the Barre, and often Hardwick Memorial Day parades for the past 40+ years. Though the 4th of July is bigger where I come from in Illinois, Memorial Day is the big one here in Central Mass, with parades and services in almost every […]

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