News from the Farm, Monday July 6th

The rain of the last few days has been an amazing blessing. It’s something to revel in – the feeling of standing outside in the warm-but-not-too-hot sun, bare feet planted on well-watered soil, with vigorous growth underway on all sides. It’s ideal growing weather – what a thrill! The rain provided ample opportunities to plant seeds and seedlings under

News From the Farm, Monday June 29th

We worked really hard in this week’s extreme heat. Although there is so much work to be done, Julie feels that we have a good, strong handle on it all, and that we’re further along than in previous years. In the vegetable fields, the lack of rain means that our veggies aren’t growing very fast.

News from the Farm, Friday June 12th

Lots of good work done this week on the farm, and lots more still to do! In the vegetable fields, Julie is feeling excited about the progress of the potatoes. They were planted on April 15th in the pond field garden which has struggled a lot with grass. Even after ripping, there was still a

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