I am unpacking my weekly gift from God, sitting here in awe of organic tomatoes, from your wonderful CSA, and its November 1st which is unheard of.
I have been a member of several CSA’s in the past – all wonderful. Many Hands surely surpasses all. Fantastic variety of vegetables and all grown with such loving care. This is it for me. I am looking forward to the fall collection.

While we have enjoyed participating in this CSA for a long time now, I think this was the most bountiful year we’ve experienced.  And  not just quantity, but variety and quality, too.  I can’t even eat tomatoes from anywhere else anymore – I’m so spoiled with the delicious ones we’ve received from you the last few months.  Last night we had the best butternut squash, the night before I had a wonderful soup with the most delicious Asian cabbage, carrots, celery and leeks…  In fact every week this past season, we have felt the same – loving it all!

Thank you for all of your hard work – I couldn’t be happier!

This was the first time we ever did a CSA and I can’t tell you how fabulous it’s been. I have never had produce that was so fresh and vibrant as what we get each week. It’s always a surprise and a treat to go through the bag taking out each thing individually and looking it all over. We laugh when we see things for the first time and have no idea what it is and run to the computer to look up what it is, how to store it, and ways to eat/cook it. In the beginning I would send photos to my youngest daughter who has been doing CSA for years, she’d laugh and give me suggestions for use.
We’ve done many things with the greens but mostly we juice them (along with other “juiceable” items) and using a lot of the pulp I blend and then pour it  into Mason jars and freeze them and for several mornings we make them into smoothies using those outstanding eggs!
Roasting beets, kale and different kinds of cabbage has been eye-opening and appetite inducing! Making pesto and having it with steamed carrots – Yum! The lettuces and radishes make for divine salads to say nothing of how much we love and devour the tomatoes! And those eggs! Can we keep getting those through the winter somehow?
I marvel at the colors of the chard. A couple of weeks we got numerous colors and I would lay them out and just look at the intricacy of them…so beautiful!  I could go on and on!
We are looking forward to our fall harvest. Thank you for all you do to help us live a healthier life.

I am hoping that besides the turkey, there will be some of your pork products.  Frankly, I will take anything your pork is so good.  As to other items, I might have indicated a liking for several chickens but if not let me do so here.  Hens are good for soups, broilers are always good.  Whatever combination fits your supply works for me. I have sent a blank check to Bob with a memo indicating a limit (yes, I was anxious sending it through the mail!) of $700.  I have no idea what the total amount will be but I do know that whatever you want to charge me it is worth it.  If the amount exceeds $700 I will send you the balance if that works for you. All of which is to say, I will miss seeing you and greeting your chickens this year.  Know that I am deeply grateful for the work you do and the foods you produce.  I will read the first paragraph of your letter to my family as we contemplate a perfectly cooked bird to honor that bird and remind us all that producing such food requires love and patience.  And sacrifice. With love to you and your family,

We were eating a late dinner last night (soccer season always has us rushing to fit food in before bed) and I gave the kids a side of sliced tomato as their vegetable.

My daughter, for the first time in her life, ASKED for a salad too.  We normally rotate salad greens as a vegetable throughout the week, but she really doesn’t like them and only eats them begrudgingly.  So, this was shocking to me.  I happily whipped up a MHOF salad with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers and she scarfed it right down.
I asked her what made her suddenly want a salad and she said “Because it’s Julie’s salad.  Lately I’ve been wondering why ALL salad can’t be as good as Julie’s salad?”
So there’s that.  You have effectively changed our lives and our children’s nutrition through your amazing growing.  Thank you!

We loved the corn!  I also think your celery and carrots are really special, and was pretty excited to see those in the bag.  My son, 5 months old, has 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom and he’s a bit fussier than normal with all this activity, and a frozen carrot works really nicely to soothe his teething pains (I’m sure people would say it’s a choking hazard but we keep an eye on him and he hasn’t yet come close to taking a bite out of the carrot) – it’s been so nice to use one of your carrots…  all this nutrition is really nurturing my family, thank you.  We also used the Swiss chard in a really yummy stir fry…  Thank you!

Beautiful! MHOF knows how to grow great food! Thank you!