Meat Chickens

We raise Freedom Rangers (red crosses) from JM Hatchery that thrive on range and whose parents were raised on non-GMO grain. Finding this source for chicks was an exciting opportunity for us to more thoroughly walk our talk. The widespread growing of GMO grain is, in our opinion, one of the most environmentally destructive growing practices in our country at this time, for the soil and for our health. Meat chickens will cost $9.00/lb., with hens weighing an averaging of 5 lbs. and cockerels averaging 7 lbs. You can order hens or cockerels, according to your needs.

Due to a state regulatory technicality, our chickens and turkeys are certified organic if you buy them before slaughter, but not after. You end up with a cleaned, whole, bagged bird (with giblets and neck).

“I can’t tell you how amazing my first roasted chicken was Everything about your chicken is wonderful and different than any other chicken I have ever cooked (organic from the store). The taste is delicious but also the consistency, the bones, the color and….I don’t know, everything!!I cook for one so I had a soup and different meals from one chicken. I even froze one of the breasts and wasn’t sure how it would be freezing after cooking but it was also, wonderful.  Thank you Julie,  Donnamarie” (Donna)

We currently have chickens available from the freezer.  Please contact Julie at directly to order.

Old Layers 

At the end of their productive laying life, we will be slaughtering old laying hens in late October. Birds will cost $20 each and will include the neck (no giblets). These birds are excellent for stewing and making nutritious chicken soup.

Chicken Feet 

For the best chicken stock, we suggest a package of 12 meat chicken feet to go along with an old layer. These 2 lb. bags of feet cost $7 each. These sell out fast – order early.


Our chickens, mostly Novogen Brown Egg Layers  and Novogen White-Leghorns, lay brown and white eggs. From April -October the chickens live in mobile pasture homes which we move daily. Their range is rich and thick with multiple species of pasture plants. From November 1 – March 31 the chickens reside in our permanent chicken house at night and spread out to free range all over the farm during the day. The chickens receive Green Mountain certified organic grain and oyster shell free choice all year round, and during the winter they get first crack at our household scraps, leavings from lard and meat stock production, and whatever they can find in the field. Recently we have added free choice kelp back into the chickens’ offerings to make available to their diet this highly nutritious marine vegetable.

Eggs cost $9/dozen and are sold in recycled boxes. They are available all year-round at the farm.  Eggs can be added into CSA shares as an add on. Wholesale orders cost $7/dozen. These are sold in new containers.

Order MHOF Meat

Please use this paper order form to order our chicken and eggs.