Worcester Community Fridge Collaboration

This year, for the fourth year, we are providing shares to community refrigerators on the streets throughout Worcester. The produce is free for anyone who wants it from refrigerators available 24 hours a day.

Last year  between Worcester Community Fridges and Many Hands Organic Farm we raised enough money from area businesses and donors to pay for 14 summer and 14 fall shares. Thank you for your generosity!

This year we have a goal of 16 summer and 16 fall shares. Additionally, an anonymous donor is putting up a $1:$1 match to any donations that are made to MHOF. (So, for example, if you give $50 it is matched with another $50 and the share gets $100.) If you would like to donate to the 2024 campaign for the Worcester Community Fridges, visit this link.

About Worcester Community Fridges

Worcester Community Fridges believes having daily access to fresh food is a human right. In Worcester, 15% of families have identified as living with food insecurity. During the COVID 19 pandemic, these numbers rose significantly within the city. Community fridges are open 24/7, leaving no barriers in the way of someone accessing free food. In the spirit of mutual aid, we hope to contribute to our community by providing access to delicious, organic, nutrient-dense food for all! Learn more about the Worcester community fridges here.

Learn more about Many Hands Sustainability Center here.

Thank you for supporting quality, nutrient-dense food for all!