Many Hands Organic Farm Pork

Many Hands Organic Farm is proud to be one of the very few certified organic pork producers in Massachusetts. Our pigs live in the woods or on the edges of the fields from June – November, with their pasture being rotated monthly early on and as often as weekly as they near harvest. They eat Green Mountain certified organic hog pellets, forage for a substantial part of their living, and also enjoy garden refuse, particularly enjoying corn cobs and later cider leavings. We buy our Tamworth piglets from Misty Brook Farm in Albion, ME. We are raising 12 pigs this year. They will be slaughtered at Adams Farm, a USDA and organically certified processing facility in Athol, MA.  The pork will be ready for customers in late November. This fresh frozen pork will cost $15/lb.


Cuts, such as bacon and ham, are processed at Vermont Packing House in Springfield, VT. There they use a natural cure of water, brown sugar, sea salt, maple syrup and celery powder to age and flavor the pork before smoking it. Ham and bacon will be available in late December at $21/lb.

Only Whole or Half Pigs are available for pre-order in 2024

Download an order form to reserve your whole or half pig.

In 2023 the average of our four pigs was a dressed weight of 251 lbs. We brought back –

  • 104 lbs. of red meat
  • 54 lbs. smoked meat – 22 lbs. bacon and 32 lbs. hams
  • 25 lbs. fat – leaf lard and fat back
  • 40 lbs. of miscellaneous hocks, bones, tails and organs

When you order a whole or half pig you will be asked in October how you want it cut. There will be a cut sheet for the red meat, and options to smoke only the bacon, one or both of the hams, or get it all fresh. Additionally, you can opt to buy the fat and miscellany, or leave it for us. In the end, you will pay $15/lb. for everything but the smoked meat that you select, and $21/lb. for the smoked meat. Feel free to call and chat if you have questions. (978) 257-1192 – Julie

Pork Cuts – Available for order and pick up in late November and late December.

Pork cuts are not available for pre-order in 2024.  Cuts will be available to order in November 2024. We will let you know when we have pork cuts available for sale.

  • Ground pork and breakfast sausage come in approximately 1 lb. packages. Our breakfast sausage is made with sea salt, certified organic spices, and has no added sugar. $15lb.
  • Pork chops and country style ribs come in approximately 1- 1 ½ lb. packages, 2 chops or country style ribs/package. $15/lb.
  • Roasts and spare ribs will weigh about 3-4 lbs. each. $15/lb.
  • Bacon is $21/lb., smoked at Vermont Packing House in Springfield, VT. It will be available mid to late December. Although the pork is certified organic, the bacon processing has not been organically certified.
  • Ham Quarters are $21/lb. and usually 4-5 lbs. Smoked at Vermont Packing House in Springfield, VT. It will be available mid to late December. Although the pork is certified organic the processing has not been organically certified.

Photo credit Alexandre Chiacchio.

Lard- Frozen

You can pre-order lard from the 2024 pigs which will be ready in late December 2024.

We make our certified organic lard with the fat back and leaf lard from our pigs. We render it on our wood cook stove and freeze it in quart containers. We generally have lard available most of the year, but prefer not to ship in summer. Contact us for availability.

Lard costs $25.00/quart. We sell it locally and also ship frozen lard in plastic quart containers, packed in insulated boxes sized to contain 1 to 4 quarts.

Shipping costs for lard orders: We charge $5.00 for the box and shipping supplies plus the actual USPS priority mail shipping fees. It is most economical to order lard in quantities of 4 quarts. Julie will bill you for shipping separately once your order is packaged.

Order lard for shipping via PayPal:

Price Increases

Since COVID, prices for supplies, feed, animals and slaughter have gone up significantly each year. Using organic pig stock and grain is an environmental and human health choice that requires us to keep raising prices in order to make a very modest profit on our animal products.

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