Many Hands Organic Farm Pork

In 2022, due to a change in practices concurrent with no notification to us about this change from  the farm where we sourced our piglets, our pork will not be able to be labeled as certified organic. The source farm is no longer certified, and therefore the pigs cannot be labeled as organic either. These piglets were fed non-GMO feed in their first 8 weeks of life. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Since being in our care, our pigs are fed certified organic feed and are managed 100% organically on pasture. They live a healthy, stimulating life, rotating to fresh plots of pasture and woodland regularly and sleeping soundly in the shade or their moveable shelter as they see fit.

Watch a video of our 2022 piglets rooting around the pasture below.

Photo credit Alexandre Chiacchio.


We use Adams Farm in Athol, MA, a USDA and organically certified processing facility, for slaughter and processing. Fresh-frozen pork is available in late November at $12/lb.

Cured cuts, such as bacon and ham, are processed at Vermont Packing House in Springfield, VT. There they use a natural cure of celery juice, sea salt and maple syrup to age and flavor the pork before smoking it. Ham and bacon will be available in mid to late December at $18/lb.

Pork Cuts

  • Ground pork and breakfast sausage come in approximately 1 lb. packages. Our breakfast sausage is made with sea salt, certified organic spices, and has no added sugar. $12/lb.
  • Pork loin chops and country style ribs come in approximately 1- 1 ½ lb. packages, 2 chops or country style ribs/package. $12/lb.
  • Roasts and spare ribs will weigh about 3-4 lbs. each. $12/lb.
  • Pork Stock is available year-round while supplies last, frozen in quarts. An excellent source of collagen and the basis for a wonderful soup. $7.50/quart.
  • Maple Bacon is smoked at Vermont Packing House in Springfield, VT and made using a natural cure of celery juice, sea salt and maple syrup. Will be available mid to late December. $18/lb.
  • Hams are usually 3-4 lbs. each. They are smoked at Vermont Packing House in Springfield, VT and made using a natural cure of celery juice and sea salt. Will be available mid to late December. $18/lb.
Pork Stock
We sell quarts of frozen pork stock make from the bones, heads and feet of the pork. These are boiled down in 5 gallon pots of water with some sea salt and farm vinegar added. Then we puree the meat, cartilage and marrow (with some fat) and end up with a pureed product.

Lard- frozen

We make our lard with the fat back and leaf lard from our pigs. We render it on our wood cook stove and freeze it in quart containers. We generally have lard available most of the year, but prefer not to ship in summer. Contact us for availability.

Lard costs $20.00/quart. We sell it locally and also ship frozen lard in clear quart containers, packed in insulated boxes sized to contain 1 to 4 quarts.

Shipping costs for lard orders: We charge $5.00 for the box and shipping supplies plus the actual USPS priority mail shipping fees. It is most economical to order lard in quantities of 4 quarts. Julie will bill you for shipping separately once your order is packaged.

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