We raise broad breasted white turkeys from Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA. Turkeys are particularly delicate as youngsters, and we treat them with the utmost care — which includes heightened attention to hygiene and low stocking numbers in the movable pens. Choose between a hen (approx. 14-18 lbs.) or a tom (approx. 20-24 lbs.) when placing your order. The turkeys are $7.50/lb. and will be available to pick up on Tuesday, November 21 from 1-6 pm and Wednesday, November 22 from 8- noon. Pick up within the category of hen or tom is first come first served. We do not reserve specific weights. We regularly hear two things from customers – “the best turkey I ever ate” and “it cooked faster than ever before”. This because the turkeys are very juicy.

Due to a state regulatory technicality, our chickens and turkeys are certified organic if you buy them before slaughter, but not after. As in past years, our turkeys will be slaughtered at a licensed custom plant. We are totally comfortable with the cleanliness, efficiency, and humane technique used by our licensed processing plant and stand completely behind their work. You end up with a cleaned, whole, bagged bird (with giblets and neck).

How to Cook a MHOF Turkey
Laura Davis – long standing customer
I cook my turkey 8 minutes per pound and then check it with a meat thermometer 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time it is supposed to be done. So, if it is a 15lb bird, total time is
2 hours at 325. I would check the thickest part of the thigh at 90 minutes to see what the temp is; it should be 165. I have been surprised more than once that it was done before it was supposed
to be.

Thanks Julie!! Looking forward to seeing you as well! Please know that everyone loves turkeys from MHOF!

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