Organic Meat & Eggs

Important considerations when ordering meat

We do not have much freezer storage capability here. Please take this into account when placing your order for chicken, turkey and fresh frozen pork. Though we sometimes are able to hold meat, our preference is for you to arrange to pick up chickens within 24 hours of slaughter. There are very specific pick-up times for turkeys, and there is slightly more flexibility around pork pick up.

Below are cultural reasons why our meat is some of the best tasting that you will encounter. Our pork, chicken, turkey and eggs are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.

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We can accept SNAP benefits for all or part of your meat purchase.  Please contact us for more information-, or 978-257-1192 (cell)

Animal Care

All our animals are fed certified organic grain and make use of as much range as is possible, for their health and for maximum farm fertility. Our birds live in movable shelters and are moved to new range 7 times per week. Our pigs work a large section of field edges and woods and every week move to a new area and thus live in “pig heaven”. With daily moving of poultry and frequent moving of pigs, pastures get a nice infusion of disruption and fertility followed by a long rest.  The end product is a highly fertile soil with pasture grasses of high nutritional content.

Finally, we run our livestock in our vegetable and fruit growing areas as often and as intensively as is possible while obeying the organic certification 90 day/120-day rule regarding animal manure and subsequent crop harvest. With this practice you are assured to get e coli free produce and tree fruit that has benefited from the rich fertility resource of free-range animal manure.

Young chicks and turkey poults start life in the barn under brooder lights where they are daily fed organic apple cider vinegar in their water (for gut health), fresh soil (for gut health), and fresh comfrey (protein and micronutrients).

Laying hens have free access to oyster shell (for strong shell development). They are totally free ranged from October to April, sleeping at night in our permanent chicken house, and live in movable pens on pasture from April to October. In the winter months we supplement their feed with free choice kelp – high in micro-nutrients.

Once the turkeys and meat birds leave the brooding area at approximately 1 month of age, they live on pasture. Turkeys are supplemented with fresh cut comfrey as we have it available.


We raise broad breasted white turkeys from Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA. Turkeys are particularly delicate as youngsters, and we treat them with the utmost care — which includes heightened attention to hygiene and low stocking numbers in the movable pens. Choose between a hen (approx. 14-18 lbs.) or a tom (approx. 20-24 lbs.) when placing your order. The turkeys are $7/lb. and will be available to pick up on Tuesday, November 21 from 1-6 pm and Wednesday, November 22 from 8- noon. Pick up within the category of hen or tom is first come first served. We do not reserve specific weights. We regularly hear two things from customers – “the best turkey I ever ate” and “it cooked faster than ever before”. This because the turkeys are very juicy.

Due to a state regulatory technicality, our chickens and turkeys are certified organic if you buy them before slaughter, but not after. As in past years, our turkeys will be slaughtered at a licensed custom plant. We are totally comfortable with the cleanliness, efficiency, and humane technique used by our licensed processing plant and stand completely behind their work. You end up with a cleaned, whole, bagged bird (with giblets and neck).

Meat Chickens

We raise Freedom Rangers (red crosses) from JM Hatchery that thrive on range and whose parents were raised on non-GMO grain. Finding this source for chicks was an exciting opportunity for us to more thoroughly walk our talk. The widespread growing of GMO grain is, in our opinion, one of the most environmentally destructive growing practices in our country at this time, for the soil and for our health. Meat chickens will cost $8.50/lb., with hens weighing an averaging of 5 lbs. and cockerels averaging 7 lbs. You can order hens or cockerels, according to your needs.

Due to a state regulatory technicality, our chickens and turkeys are certified organic if you buy them before slaughter, but not after. You end up with a cleaned, whole, bagged bird (with giblets and neck). Chickens will be available for pick up from 3-6pm on Sunday August 27 or anytime Monday August 28, 2023.

Old Layers

At the end of their productive laying life, we will be slaughtering old laying hens in late October. Birds will cost $15 each and will include the neck (no giblets). These birds are excellent for stewing and making nutritious chicken soup.

Chicken Feet

For the best chicken stock, we suggest a package of 12 meat chicken feet to go along with an old layer. These 2 lb. bags of feet cost $5 each. These sell out fast – order early.


Gifts and Stocking-stuffers- eggs, soaps, salve, garlic powder

Our chickens, mostly Novogen Brown Egg Layers  and Novogen White-Leghorns, lay brown and white eggs. From April -October the chickens live in mobile pasture homes which we move daily. Their range is rich and thick with multiple species of pasture plants. From November 1 – March 31 the chickens reside in our permanent chicken house at night and spread out to free range all over the farm during the day. The chickens receive Green Mountain certified organic grain and oyster shell free choice all year round, and during the winter they get first crack at our household scraps, leavings from lard and meat stock production, and whatever they can find in the field. Recently we have added free choice kelp back into the chickens’ offerings to make available to their diet this highly nutritious marine vegetable.

Eggs cost $9/dozen and are sold in recycled boxes. They are available all year-round at the farm.  Eggs can be added into CSA shares as an add on. Wholesale orders cost $7/dozen. These are sold in new containers.

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