Soil Carbon Restoration at Many Hands Organic Farm

Since the early 1980s we have made a priority of farming organically using an integrated growing system that includes livestock, vegetable and fruit crops. We focus on maximum fertility through soil carbon-sequestering techniques including cocktail cover cropping, heavy mulches, soil mineralization, and foliar applications of minerals and biologicals. This is our 10th year practicing extremely limited tillage – what the mycorrhizal fungi like best!

To learn more about our soil carbon restoration and our soil carbon-sequestering techniques, please review Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job? a white paper written by Jack when he was the policy director of NOFA/Mass, as well as several short digests on soil carbon (below). Additionally, review the videos to the right, including a NOFA/Mass video that discusses soil carbon restoration and a workshop led by Jack and Julie called Soil Carbon: Raising More, Better Food while Easing Climate Stress. Jack’s paper has been translated to several languages, including: Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, and Vietnamese (click to view).

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Soil Carbon Shorts

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How Plants Will Save the World
Fascinating Fungal Networks
Ruminants and Methane
A Primer on Soil Carbon Numbers
Microbe Involvement in Soil Formation
Your Highly Productive Organic Garden
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