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Food Preservation

It is beyond me why preserving food together is a most magical and spiritual experience, but Saturday’s gathering of 20 folks from all over Eastern and Central Mass reached new heights for me as we worked our way through 20 cabbages, 5 gallons of garlic, a crate each of parsley, tomatoes and tulsi, 3 packages […]


Jonathan, our farm staffer who is also chair of the Sutton Selectboard, was confronted with a crisis a couple of weeks ago when the state let Sutton know that 86 recent legal immigrants from Haiti would be dropped off at the Red Roof Inn on Route 146 in Sutton. The past two weeks have for […]

When Big Change Comes

All of us experience big changes in our lives at some point or points, and many times we aren’t particularly up for it, but such is life. We often just don’t have control over the big stuff. I really thought that Clare Caldwell and I would go on farming together here for the rest of […]

43 years ago . . .

after 18 months of loading children into the back of the jeep, and driving all over New England, we ended up here at 411 Sheldon Road, though there weren’t any numbers on the street at that time. We had seen it once, but wanted to get my parents’ opinion, farmers from Illinois that they were. […]