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Mother’s Day

It became clear to me, perhaps when I would dress up our cats in outfits and spend hours with our border collie growing up, that I liked being a mother. When this day comes around each year, I take stock of my mothering, mother-in-lawing, and grandmothering, mothering of various of the folks who show up […]

Why We Sell Direct

April 29, 2024 No newsletter next week, just an ad for Dave Petrovick’s not to be missed workshop on machinery on the farm or homestead on May 11, and an upcoming zoom about the CSA  – May 19 at 6. Julie is off to England. Why We Sell Direct by Jack Kittredge We recently received […]

Earth Day

I was around for the first Earth Day. Our entire school walked around the back roads of Milledgeville, IL and picked up cans and bottles. And I spent that whole day with my history teacher, Tom Wiltshire, who was quite a renegade in that small midwestern town. In his class we debated such topics as […]

Hum for Humanity

Everyone is talking about the big solar eclipse that is happening today. https://www.npr.org/sections/solar-eclipse/2024/04/04/1242568508/solar-eclipse-april-8-2024-watch – this website tells you what time it will be with you – looks like 3:23-3:33 for us in Barre. The Hum for Humanity folks – https://youtu.be/0RguQBgtmAc?si=ZqYE9jW8qG38BmYs -want us all to hum on middle C for the duration. Now, I think this is really cool. […]

Opening Up our boxes

When I stop to think about how to live fully in the world, I think of a cardboard box and how I can climb into it and close the lid from time to time. And how tight that can feel, and cut off from others and life itself. Spring is a really great time to […]