News from the Farm, Monday August 17th

Every year around this time, I feel my mind turning to next season. As it does, my memory offers up this phrase from a book I first read long ago: “If July is a rose full out, August is a rose whose first petal has fallen. Everywhere is a sense of abundance but the abundance

News from the Farm, Monday August 10th

Between Tropical Storm Isaias and a good few absences among the crew, it was quite a week at the farm! The farm’s power went out on Tuesday night and came back on Thursday around lunchtime – a thirty-nine hour period that, Julie says, “felt like three weeks”. Dave sprang into action to revive the generator bought

News from the farm, Monday August 3rd

As we round the corner into August, the crew is focused on planting as much as possible to ensure a bountiful fall. This week saw more planting of carrots, rutabaga, dill, more pole beans and cucumbers, and significant strides made in replanting south field, the garden, and north field. The planting will go on for

News from the Farm, Monday July 27th

Last week saw a bit of a murder mystery unfold among our pastured hens. Last Monday morning the crew found four chickens dead, last Tuesday morning another was dead and several were injured. Who was it, and how were they accomplishing their dastardly deeds? Whomever it was had to be adept, able to get past

Clare in Carrots

News from the Farm, Monday July 20th

Julie and Jack miss Leo. A lot. So does the rest of the crew. He’s only been gone for a week but he is being remembered fondly – Shawnee called him an “old soul”. Upon arriving in France he sent a lovely message saying that the time he spent at the farm was “probably the most

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