Meat, Eggs, and So Much More!

January 18, 2017

Dear Many Hands Farm Friends and Customers,

I would like to apprise you of all the fine products we have available in our freezers and on our shelves.

Chickens – 6-7 lbs. – $6.50/lb.


  • Ground pork – $9.50/lb. package
  • Roasts of all types (3-4 lbs. average)- $9.50/lb.
  • Regular Style Ribs (about 3-4 lbs.)- $9.50/lb.

Lard – A superior source of vitamin D – $20/qt.


  • Ground – $10/lb.
  • Stew – $10/lb.
  • Strip steak – $
  • Rib eye steak – $13/lb.
  • Shank soup bones – $6/lb.
  • Short ribs – $10/lb.


  • $7/dozen – become a regular customer and we are happy to sell eggs to you weekly, biweekly or monthly. Our eggs are super fresh and keep well – you could come as seldom as once per month for them. Talk to us about putting together an egg coop.

Stocks – Try some of our ultra-nutritious stocks from beef, pork, chicken and turkey. After cooking down the heads, tails, bones, carcasses, etc. we carefully pick through the meat, marrow, cartilage, skin, and some fat and process it all in a Vitamix with the liquid to make a thick stock that will heal your digestive system and strengthen your skeletal system. These stocks come frozen in quart containers and go for $7.50/qt.

Soap – peppermint and lavender made from lard and tallow – hypoallergenic and long lasting – $6/5 oz.

Salve – made with comfrey, lavender oil, beeswax and olive oil – good for burns, cuts and massaging aching tissues – $8/2 oz.

You can get your lard, ground pork and ground beef shipped to you. Lard shipping pricing is up on the site and the meat shipping prices will follow soon.

This year our pigs and chickens started eating fermented grains (Nature’s Best Organic Feeds –  – as their core feeds. The nine pigs downed 55 gallons of whey per week and lived half in the woods, half on the edge of the field, moving weekly to new forage. The chickens and turkeys moved once per day in their mobile pens and the turkeys dined on comfrey every day for the first 2 months. The layers are now completely free range and supplement their fermented diet with stock and lard processing waste this month. They scour the fields when there is no snow. The cows were 100% grass fed on our luxuriant pastures.

We don’t have a store per se, but are available to sell to you if you call ahead to set a time.


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