CSA Week 10

August 6, 2017
CSA Week 10 – August 7, 9, 11
Labor Day Alert – The CSA will run that day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Dear 2017 CSA Members,

This week was punctuated by a lot of rain – a massive storm on Wednesday and then off and on downpours yesterday, and now quite chilly. I was on the phone with daughter Ellen last night in CA where it is over 100 degrees each day. We are living with extremes now.
Mulch, mulch, mulch – that is my theme right now. Brent and I successfully brought 100 bales of hay over from Dismas last week in 4 pick up truck loads, and we are mulching with zest. This week’s accomplishments included two beds of field corn, 2 beds of green beans, 1 of soybeans, 1 of celery, 1 of flowers, 1 tomato, 1 chard. My lesson for this wet year where it is touch and go for the soil microbes to not drown is that the mulch ameliorates the excess moisture while making a haven for earthworm flourishing and microbial happiness. The more underground helpers we have the more the plants can grow to their full potential. And covered soil will keep the erosion to a minimum also.
We are weeding as we go, and I am happy to say that the north, south and west fields are almost accomplished. 2 beds of melons and four new beds of broccoli and cabbage family will leave the north field in great shape. This week we hope to plant a bunch more lettuce out and some beets that will come in late September or early October. We will move around some squash and cucumber transplants to keep those crops coming.
This is a short week for me. The NOFA Summer Conference starts on Friday and on Thursday I will leave with the advance crew. Thanks to the farm staff who will manage while Jack and I are away.
Thank you for a rash of really nice emails this week as people let us know of vacation plans. We soak up the positive comments. Of course, I always wish we could do a little bit better, and this year, a little bit faster for many crops to reach your tables, but I guess we have to be patient and take what nature and our skill can bring us. The late season looks promising as our field management is at an all time high, with replanting happening as soon as we move an old crop out.
No baby yet for Clare – she is now officially one week past the due date set – but obviously the baby has set her own due date . . .
Food for this week –
• 4/2 lettuce
• Garlic – still drying in the barn – maybe we will get it cut from its stalks this week
• Carrots
• kale
• Squash/broccoli/cabbage – one or the other
• Cukes
• Parsley
• Chard
• Chives
• Basil – if you have never made pesto – now is the time – chop up your basil and parsley and throw that and a generous amount of garlic in a blender. Add salt and butter or olive oil until you have a paste. You can add parmesan cheese or just have the pesto straight – on pasta, or potatoes, or on toast, or as a spread for anything. This is packed with nutrition!
• dandelions

Recycle your paper and plastic grocery-size bags with us. You can leave them in your CSA bags. We also like rubber bands,. And don’t forget any corrugated cardboard. We can use it. We are enjoying your cardboard – thanks for sending that along. Black and white newspapers actually work nicely too if you have those laying around.

NOFA Summer Conference coming up August 11-13
I will be pushing this event each week. Last chance. We take walk ins. It is an experience to blow your minds and heretofore vision of reality – http://nofasummerconference.org/.

For The Many Hands Organic Farm staff