CSA Week 19

October 9, 2017
Week 19 of 22
October 9, 11, 13

Dear 2017 CSA Members,

I am not sure why I seem more busy than ever before this year, with the upshot of very infrequent newsletters, but apologize for the lack of communication. I wanted to let you Monday folks know that indeed, we are running the CSA today. Living Earth will be open and Monday Barre folks will find their food here too.

I feel very fortunate that although great sections of this country and the Caribbean have been devastated by hurricanes this late summer and early fall, we have mostly just benefited from warm weather and adequate but not too aggressive rains. I am a bit anxious about how warm it is, as we all should be with the increasingly warm oceans. Let’s all keep up our diligent efforts regarding climate change. We hope that our small part of growing good food and attempting to build soil organic matter to sequester atmospheric carbon can continue to be a part of a global strategy to cool our planet down.

For the past 6 or so weeks we have been on a mission to get all of our soil covered in mulch if it hasn’t already been enhanced and covered with cover crops. This really protects the soil in the winter, and in the growing season, it builds a very positive habitat for the soil life that feed the growing system. Perhaps this week we will be able to finish the mulching of the fall crops and then sprinkle on some crimson clover to grow in place on top to add more complexity into the system.

Fall Shares Available. If you have really enjoyed the CSA and don’t want your produce to stop – sign up for the Fall share. It begins immediately after this 22 week CSA stops. The last week of the summer CSA is the week of October 30. And the fall share runs each Monday in November – 6, 13, 20, 27. You can pick up here, at Living Earth, or at Teresa’s house at 51 Boyden Road in Holden. Shares are $120 and delivery is $8. Send a check or download a form at https://mhof.net/2017-csa-share-options/; https://mhof.net/csa-order-form/

Chicken, pork, turkey, old layers for soup, chicken feet, frozen peaches, grape juice, lard, eggs, soap, salve, garlic powder – all available or soon to be at the farm. Peruse the website or give a call to place an order or come visit.

Last week was Lindsay’s last week. She had an amazing 5 year run with us. We wish her well as she and her family prepare to build their farm dream in NH. Clare returns officially to work today after 2 months off with baby Maggie. We welcome her return. Marion and Phil are gone back to school, but will be here today as it is a holiday. And Josh continues at 20 hours as a diligent home schooler who does his studies around his active work schedule. Brent is our anchor – the only one at 40 hours per week. I am grateful for all of our farm staff, and our volunteers who show up irregularly but are always utilized.

Recycle your paper and plastic grocery-size bags with us. You can leave them in your CSA bags. We also like rubber bands,. And don’t forget any corrugated cardboard. We can use it. We are enjoying your cardboard – thanks for sending that along. Black and white newspapers actually work nicely too if you have those laying around.

Food this week –

o Lettuce
o Parsley
o dandelions
o Chard
o Leeks
o Carrots
o Garlic
o Chives
o Squash, winter
o Tomatoes
o Broccoli or cabbage
o Brussels sprouts heads or collards

Have a great week with rain and heat and then perhaps some more “regularized” weather later in the week.

For The Many Hands Organic Farm staff