Fall Share, Week 2

November 13, 2017

Many Hands Organic Farm Fall CSA
November 13 – Week 2

Two bags this week

Hi folks,
Boy did we have a rough week last week. First it was rainy on Monday and then the temperature headed quickly downward to the bottom at about 13 degrees on Friday and Saturday nights. Kudos especially to Josh and Brent who work liked dogs to get as much harvested as possible and as much covered in remay (polyester covers) to hope to save it. The walk in was full by the week end. And Brent stayed the course on Friday through all the wind to patiently try to put the remay back on and try to hold it down with jugs of water, rocks and whatever else we could find.

The result for you is TWO BAGS each today. And we saved some more things for next week. The good news is that after peaking under the row cover, it looks like we will have some more lettuce, carrots and greens for the last two weeks. And we haven’t broken into the root cellar yet either, so there should be a couple of more bountiful weeks for you. Here below is what you will find in your two bags.

• Kale
• Carrots
• Brussels sprouts
• Cilantro
• Parsley
• Tatsoi
• Collards
• Celery
• Lettuce
• Mesclun
• arugula
• Chives
• Leeks

Other sale items available at the farm:

Now we have old layers for chicken soup at $5/lb (they are 2-3 lb birds)
Meat chickens in the freezer – $6.50/lb
Pork is available Friday – except the smoked ham, bacon and hot dogs.
Turkey harvest for November 21 and 22 pick up here – best Thanksgiving bird you will ever eat! – $5.50/lb.
Frozen peaches – $12 for a 2 lb. bag
Comfrey salve – $8/jar
Garlic powder – $5/ounce
Peppermint and lavender soap – $6/bar

Looks like a mild week here for us to get our 4 100 foot beds of garlic planted for 2018.
I hope all is well with you.