News from the farm, Monday August 3rd

As we round the corner into August, the crew is focused on planting as much as possible to ensure a bountiful fall. This week saw more planting of carrots, rutabaga, dill, more pole beans and cucumbers, and significant strides made in replanting south field, the garden, and north field. The planting will go on for as long as possible, as beds become available.

This week also saw the peas ripped out and the tomatoes tied and looking beautiful. Tools were taken up against the bindweed, a relative of morning glory and a stubborn and persistent foe in the field, and the peppers have been all cleaned up. The pigs moved on Thursday and are enjoying their new area in the woods. The turkeys continue to grow well in the front yard, the chickens are still safe thanks to their recent security upgrades.

This week saw Chloe transition from farm intern to WWOOFer, and in Julie’s words, “she’s been having a marvelous time and is a delight to have around”. Natasha has joined us as well, and over the course of the weekend has made herself indispensable. Andres arrived on Sunday afternoon and is all set up in his tent in the pond orchard. He will be a delightful addition to our WWOOF team. The crew was also joined this week by Boy Scouts Jack and Brendan, both working on their badges. Julie’s also looking forward to the return of Maya, coming back this week.