Available now: Certified Organic Applesauce and Lard

Plan to make special arrangements to pick up your order at the farm (CSA members, we cannot guarantee delivery along with your share). Order at least one day before your desired pick up day. Generally speaking, we offer pickup between 12 noon and 1pm, or after work (5:30-6pm).  
Order by email or phone: julie@mhof.net   978-355-2853
Available the week of August 24th
Homemade applesauce = $6/qt
A changing blend of our Certified Organic apples. We make applesauce by cooking apples with a splash of water for a few hours, then processing with a food mill. It contains no sweeteners and no spices – just pure fruit goodness.
Lard = $20/quart
Your best source of Vitamin D and a great cooking fat with its higher combustion. Made with the fat back and leaf lard from our Certified Organic pigs, rendered on our wood cook stove.