Dear Friends and Customers of Many Hands Organic Farm,

I took this great course on zoom with our daughter Ellen and friend Cynthia on the topic of wisdom and nature connection. Steeped in Peruvian Quechua tradition, theses teachings center on reverence for Service, Love and Wisdom, and the concept of sacred reciprocity. That is what I have been experiencing all week this week as I have struggled with what turned out to be symptoms of Lyme disease. Between calming me down at night when my back was screaming (Jack) to innumerable massages (Cathleen, Maya, Chuk, Anthony and Chrystal), taking over the helm on the farm (Clare), being there for all of the detail back end work (Ari), extra help with meals, super diligence on work days (all of the working shareholders), many calls and emails and texts from friends, shareholders and family, there was definitely something sacred going on for me all week. Add some drugs, some herbs and I feel overcome with joy and support. I had no idea how much it takes to run a farm in June, nor how delightful it feels to receive. I hope that as any of you are in pain, you reach out for all of the help that you need from those around you who you undoubtedly have been serving, oftentimes for years. Sacred reciprocity is a win-win.

CSA Update
We tried to keep the operation going without too many snags this past week. Sorry to the folks in Holden to whom the bags were delivered to the wrong place, for example. If you have not yet found your Friday bags (left at the First Baptist Church), let me know and we will pick you a double share this week.
Week Five best guess at what you will get

  • Purple Kohlrabi or red dandelion
  • Lettuce –we are at the end of a crop and supplies will be less this week
  • Strawberries – we doubled up on Friday in preparation for the fact that there may not be any left by this upcoming Friday. If there are, you win!
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Balm or thyme
  • Chard
  • Kale or collards
  • Green Onions
  • Beet greens – this week we thin in the field so the remaining beets can grow big. These are good cooking greens, and be sure to use the whole thing.
  • Fennel – this is a real treat of a plant. I wonder if anyone has any favorite uses to share. Be sure to utilize the entire plant.

Wednesday Worcester bags will be on an “after 4 pm” pick up schedule for the foreseeable future. Heinrich has left us and schedules for delivery have been changed.
Wednesday Holden bags will be available for pick up by 1 pm going forward. Thanks to John Wilson who will be making that delivery.

CSA still open.
If you want to join the CSA but haven’t yet gotten around to it, it is not too late. Check the website for the weekly downwardly changing prices.

CSA Week 4
Farm Doins
Heinrich got his work permit over the past week end and is leaving us to be an accountant. But he says if he doesn’t like the team he will be back. Four students from Olin College came to work on Thursday. A highlight was tying the peas. They have started to blossom and there will be peas in abundance very soon. We weeded 3 of our 4 carrot beds and got all of our hay up that was standing in the field. Hopefully we can get it all mulched out this upcoming week. After many mistrials, we have two of the hoop houses’ sides rolled up and clipped in place for summer growing. A third lost its covering altogether and the other two await the purchase of more clips. We planted more carrots and beets and our eggplant this week and also flowers, some lettuce and tulsi. We temporarily won the battle with bind weed in our blueberries and red raspberries. We got three more bird houses on line, split our 110 young layers into two houses and moved them off the front lawn and got the 300 little meat birds out on the grass behind the house. Birds, birds everywhere. And we said goodbye to all of our kittens but 2. Any takers? Give me a call or email – 978-257-1192; They are $50 each.

Work travels at a very fast pace these days. With the Solstice happening today we can count on a slight relaxation of the urgency, yet for the next month it will be like stopping a freight train that is fast in motion. Wanting a day in the field? Contact me to set up a time that we can put your to work. As Heinrich says so eloquently, we have a very strong and enjoyable community here.

On Thursday Stella, Sophia, Caitlin and came from Olin College to help us with carrot weeding, basil mulching, potato bugging and hay collection & Monday’s crew did all the picking for the CSA during the thunder and lightening storm. (Click image to watch videos on our Instagram, click the arrow on the right to view next video).

Friday we moved our Freedom Ranger meat birds out on pasture (top), Strawberries have been a real focus this week (left), We have some really nice looking potatoes this year. We are enhancing their possibilities with our special potato foliar mentioned earlier and some proactive bug picking (right).

Poultry Management with Chicken Tractor – Postponed until September
Stay tuned to learn more about our workshop offerings!

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