February 1 News from the Farm!

Dear Friends,

January is a time to plow through lots and lots of deskwork – seed ordering, supply ordering, budgets, plans for animals, fertility, staffing decisions, and we are plugging away. A little late to announce the CSA and meat offerings for 2017, but here it is!

Many Hands CSA

We love our CSA and our CSA customers. For 22 weeks you get an amazing array of the highest quality produce and we enter into a close food relationship, sharing recipes, thoughts, farm news and your news. Join us for another 4 weeks and participate in our late fall CSA for the month of November. You can also add eggs each week. Last year we garnered some strong praise for our food – and I am convinced it is because of our upgraded carbon sequestering growing methods – keeping the microbes happy, it turns out, keeps everyone happy. They have written the book on community collaboration, and as we learn how to “read” it, we can build true human health and well-being through our food.
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