Fall CSA, Nov 5

November 5, 2018

Many Hands Organic Farm Fall CSA. Remember that the CSA only runs on Mondays from here on out.

November  5 – We are heading into week one

November 12 – week 2

November 19 – week 3

November 26 – week 4

Hi folks,

There are 34 of you this year – up from 23 last year!

Welcome back. It seems like it has just been a day or two since we harvested your food! I am always really enthusiastic about the fall CSA. There are less of you so we can take better care of you, and we only pick once per week so we can spend the rest of the week getting the farm ready for winter, doing more food preservation, weeding and mulching perennials, fixing bird houses, cleaning up barns and sheds, splitting wood, and the list goes on. This year we hope to reroof our shed before winter, a great November project.

Accompanying this newsletter will be a list of whom you all are and where I have you listed as picking up. Check it to make sure I have not made any mistakes. The CSA runs for 4 Mondays. Barre pick up is here in the barn. Worcester pick up in at Living Earth and Holden pick up is at Teresa Wolcott’s garage at 51 Boyden Road in Holden. Food should be ready by noon for pick up here. Jack will usually be leaving here around 1:30 or so to get your bags to Worcester or Holden, so I trust you can pick them up by 3 pm. If ever in doubt about pick up time, just call here at the number above to check that Jack has left.

Perhaps for the first time, we have a handful of brand new folks joining the fall CSA. So if you are coming here to the farm, just come knock on the door the first time and we will show you the drill. Teresa’s garage is at the end of her short driveway and the Living Earth bags will be in the hallway outside the store. Be sure to look for the bag with your name on it and take that one. If by some chance you take home the wrong bag, please alert me immediately so I can have that person pick up your bag.

We have a nice line up this week despite the weather yo-yoing this fall between excessive rain and then pretty hard frosts. We are operating mostly out of the root cellar (garlic, onions, potatoes), the basement living room (where our squash is living), and the field under row covers – lettuce, celery, kale, leeks, and out on their own in the field – Brussels sprouts. As November progresses we will have some nice hoop house offerings to add to the mix.


  • CSA
    • Red onions
    • Kale
    • Potatoes
    • Winter squash
    • Lettuce
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Leeks
    • Turnips
    • Garlic
    • celery

Other stuff available at the farm for sale

Frozen whole roasting chickens – $6.50/lb.

Hot dogs – $12/lb.

Bacon – $14.25/lb.

Ground beef, stew beef and short ribs – $10/lb.

Rib eye steak and strip steak – $13/lb.

Brisket and chuck roast – $11/lb.

Sirloin steak – $15/lb.

Tenderloin steaks – $20/lb.

Stewing chickens – $10 each

Comfrey salve – $8/2 oz. jar

Peppermint and lavender soap – $6/5 oz. bar

Garlic powder – $9.50 for 1.9 ounce

Lard frozen – $15/quart

Frozen peaches – $12/2 lb. bag

Chicken and pork stock frozen – $5/quart

Thanksgiving turkeys – $5.50/lb. – for preorder and pick up November 20 or 21 – order a hen or a tom

Bring your bags back each week to your pick up location so we (and you) don’t have to deal with paper ones. Barre folks get two bags and out of towners have three.

Interested in learning more about the way we grow food here? Here are a couple of links to folks I have a lot of respect for

Gabe Brown and John Kempf – a great webinar about regenerative agriculture  practices – https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/166d730e7c6b9e05

Dr. Zach Bush – a very forward thinking and actor doctor who speaks eloquently about the human biome – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqTopP0Taig

Have a great November. I look forward to spending it with you. Julie