Fresh Turkeys Available!

Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys Available

Where can you get the tastiest turkey?

At Many Hands Organic Farm where the birds are fed certified organic feed from birth and are moved daily on range.

Our birds have had a most exquisite life, which has been good for them, and also for you as the consumer of this food which is poison free and full of nutrition. Additionally, you will be supporting methods of production that sequester carbon in the soil and protect our environment.

Customers invariably are pleasantly surprised at how juicy and tasty our birds are.

Order a bird today for pick up on Tuesday, November 20 from 1-6 pm or Wednesday, November 21 from 8am to noon. Price per pound is $5.50. Hens will weigh 15-20 lbs. and toms will weigh 20-28 lbs. on average. Call today at 978-355-2853 to reserve a bird. Or email to

Cooking our birds goes faster at around 8-9 minutes per pound at 325 degrees because of the juiciness of the meat.