Holiday Turkeys Available

Turkeys Still Available  at Many Hands Organic Farm

Turkeys on pasture in first snow of the winter

Yes, folks, perhaps I sound a little desperate . . . . but we still have available 17 of some of the most healthy, tasty, certified organic and pasture raised turkeys for your Thanksgiving table. They will be ready for pick up right here at the farm  fresh (slaughtered on Monday) on Tuesday, November 20 – 1-6 or Wednesday, November 21 from 8-12. Now, let’s say that you aren’t doing Thanksgiving this year at your house, but what better celebratory meat could you want for your Christmas table, or perhaps even for Valentine’s Day or beyond? $5.50/lb. where the price has stayed for years despite the yearly increasing cost of organic grain. And let’s not discount the pasture that they inhabit – orchards during the season, and not cleaning up brassicas and such in the gardens (and today a little snow!). Our crops are increasing nutrient dense each year, as will be your turkey.

And once it is cooked and some or most of it eaten – the leftovers are phenomenal! Here is what we do with our turkey carcass and left-over meat. We throw the carcass in a big pot and cover it with water. We add some rock sea salt and a douse of apple cider vinegar and cook it down on the wood stove until all the wonderful minerals are extracted from the bones and infused into the broth. Then we pick the carcass, discard the bones (great snack food for your animals, or great for fertility if mashed up and put on your land, or you can make a fermented IMO).


And while you are here you can tap into our fresh supply of frozen pork which we brought home from the slaughter house yesterday. We have breakfast sausage, ground pork, country style ribs, regular ribs, roasts, pork chops – all at $9.50/lb. We also have some of last year’s bacon at $14.25/lb and hot dogs at $12/lb.


But the list goes on

  • Frozen meat chickens at $6.50/lb
  • Frozen old layers at $10 each – what a bargain!
  • Feet – $4 for 12 feet
  • Beef cuts a plenty
    • Ground beef and stew beef – $10/lb
    • Chuck roast and brisket at $11/lb.
    • Rib eye and strip at $13/lb
    • NY sirloin at $15/lb
    • Tenderloin at $20/lb
  • Frozen peaches – $12/2 lbs.
  • Soap – $6
  • Comfrey salve – $8
  • A new item – yellow dock tincture – not priced yet – we will do that today J
  • Lard from last year – $15/qt.
  • Tallow from this year – $20/qt.
  • Chicken and pork stock from last year – $5/qt.
  • A number of other things I have probably forgotten


Come on over Tuesday or Wednesday and clean out our freezers and assure your food security of the best food around. We are trying our best to save the world through carbon sequestration all at the same time!


Call us at 978-355-2853 or email at to place your order.


And Jack has set us up on Square so that we can take your credit cards this year.


Julie and Jack, Clare and Brent