Meat and other good things for sale at MHOF


Julie and Brent ready for Thanksgiving sales

We were certainly busy in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving- getting our pork back from the slaughterhouse, selling turkeys and continuing to moving them in the snow, harvesting the last crops from the field in the freezing rain, and distributing the last CSA shares of the season. Almost everything is processed and in the freezer (except this year’s batch of lard which we will make when our knives are newly sharpened). We are grateful for our customers and shareholders who are supporting local organic regenerative agriculture and hope that you are enjoying the food you buy from Many Hands Organic Farm.

Come check out our fresh supply of frozen pork- breakfast sausage, ground pork, country style ribs, regular ribs, roasts, pork chops – all at $9.50/lb. We also have some hot dogs at $12/lb, they are juicy and delicious. We like to eat hot dogs for breakfast some mornings and in “franks and beans” for lunch. The turkeys were either  enjoyed over Thanksgiving or in freezers for upcoming holidays. We were, however, able to make turkey stock and each quart has a good amount of turkey meat in it. Add your chopped-up vegetables (maybe some rice or noodles) and you have a soup that is easy and very satisfying. If you would like to make your own stock, we have old laying hens and chicken feet available. Is Beef stew a regular on your winter menu? We took inventory of our beef and have a nice supply of ground, kebab, and stew meat, as well as roasts, short ribs, and NY sirloin steaks.

Turkeys before the snowfall








Below is a list of all the good things we have available from the farm at this time…while supplies last.  We hope you eat well for the rest of the year!

MHOF sale items available now at the farm – December 8, 2018 update

Please call or email to set a time to come and shop – open by appointment only

MEAT (Frozen)


  • Meat chickens at $7.00/lb.
  • Old layers at $10 each
  • Chicken Feet – $5 for 12 feet


  • Ground beef, stew, and kebab meat – $10/lb.
  • Short ribs- $10/lb.
  • Chuck roast and brisket – $11/lb.
  • Sirloin strip steak – $13/lb.
  • Bone-in NY sirloin – $15/lb.
  • Standing Rib roast – $15/lb.
  • Tenderloin – $20/lb.


  • Breakfast sausage, ground pork, pork chops, country style ribs; regular ribs, roasts – $10.00/lb.
  • Hot dogs – $12/lb.


  • Turkey – $7.50/qt.
  • Chicken – $7.50/qt.
  • Beef – $7.50/qt.
  • Pork – $7.50/qt.

Other Items

  • Lavender and Peppermint Soap – $6/5 oz. bar
  • Comfrey salve – $8/2 oz. jar
  • Garlic powder – $9.50/1.9 oz. jar
  • Yellow dock and dandelion tinctures- $8/1 oz.
  • Lard (frozen) – $20/qt.
  • Tallow (frozen) – $20/qt.
  • Eggs- $7/dozen

Thanks again for supporting Many Hands Organic Farm! or 978-355-2853

Pouring off tallow, beautiful!