Holiday Shopping at MHOF

December 17, 2018

Dear MHOF Farm friends and customers,

Do your Christmas shopping with us this year! We have a nice supply of the highest quality frozen meats and stocks that make great gifts for folks who enjoy cooking and eating delicious, healthy, locally-grown food.

Not only can you get some good value for your friends and family, but you can help narrow the gap for us to break even on the farm this year. Another story for another day . . . .

We are offering gift certificates for you to order and pay for with Paypal. Once we get your payment we email you within 24 hours an attractive gift certificate.  You can present this to the recipient and they redeem here at the farm. Log into your Paypal account, type in the amount of your gift certificate, and make a payment to the account of Many Hands Organic Farm at Please select ‘send to a friend’.

Below are step by step instructions to using PayPal.
1. Log into your PayPal account.
2. Choose ‘Send and Request’ on blue bar across the top
3. Send money to and click next
4. Type in the dollar amount of your gift certificate.
5. Below the amount, select ‘Change’ and choose ‘Sending to a Friend’ then ‘Continue’ to payment.

And of course we have all sorts of things for your Christmas or New Year’s dinner and/or your freezer – while supplies last. See below, and just email or call to set up a time to come over and shop.; 978-355-2853.

Meat Products/Frozen


  • Frozen meat chickens at $7.00/lb.
  • Frozen old layers at $10 each
  • Chicken Feet – $5 for 12 feet
  • Chicken Stock quarts – $7.50/qt.


  • Ground beef, stew, and kebab meat – $10/lb.
  • Short ribs- $10/lb.
  • Chuck roast and brisket – $11/lb.
  • Sirloin strip steak – $13/lb.
  • Bone-in NY sirloin – $15/lb.
  • Standing Rib roast – $15/lb.
  • Tenderloin – $20/lb.
  • Tallow – $20/qt.
  • Beef Stock – $7.50/qt.


  • Breakfast sausage, ground pork, pork chops, country style ribs; regular ribs, roasts – $10.00/lb.
  • Hot dogs – $12/lb.
  • Lard – $20/qt.
  • Pork Stock – $7.50/qt.

Certified Organic locally raised fat for your cooking needs


  • Turkey Stock – $7.50/qt.

Other Items

  • Lavender and Peppermint Soap – $6/5 oz. bar
  • Comfrey salve – $8/2 oz. jar
  • Garlic powder – $9.50/1.9 oz. jar
  • Yellow dock and dandelion tinctures- $8/1 oz.
  • Eggs – $7/dozen

Gifts and Stocking-stuffers- eggs, soaps, salve, garlic powder

And have a great Solstice and end of year. What a wonderful time to rest and reflect and spend time with all of those folks we love.


Julie and Jack