Join the 2019 CSA

Dear MHOF Friends,

We enthusiastically invite you to consider joining the Many Hands Organic Farm CSA this year. 2019 will be our 28th year offering a broad array of vegetables and fruits to customers over a 26 week (1/2 year) season. Here are some great comments from last year’s customers.

“I just wanted to take this moment to thank all of you for what you do. I agree that organic farming is HARD work with little return. I think it must be in your blood. Regardless, we LOVE our share and that we are assured that out produce is 100% ORGANIC for 6 months of the year. Your hard work and care doesn’t go unnoticed. I will continue to tell others about the farm.” Karen


“Thank you for another amazing week of produce. We actually took our share with us when we went away last week and ate tons of delicious veggies the whole time.” Emily


“Absolutely beautiful!  Getting this CSA share has been one of our best decisions along with getting the fresh eggs.  Thanks for all that you do.” Rich


“I’ve totally changed my diet to clean eating and can’t wait to enjoy more this summer.”  Caroline


“Wow we are enjoying the produce.  The chard was both beautiful and tasty.” Linda


“Thank you so much Julie! It was so beautiful this week’s share. The produce was amazing and fresh.  Thank you so much for everything.”  Alma


“Your produce is delicious, and I feel very healthy after I eat it, especially since I’m getting a lot of kale this year! Thanks for all that you’re doing at Many Hands Organic Farm.”  Cathie

As we continue to hone our no till practices (which allow the microbial underground partners to really flourish and improve the foraging job that they do for all of the micronutrients and minerals in the plant rhizosphere) the food gets tastier and more nutritious. In 2018 we improved our fertility protocols to involve more targeted use of biostimulants like seaweed extracts and biological inoculants to boost rapid root development of the crops. We continue on this path and right now are joyously cardboarding and covering with hay large swaths of our growing beds where the worms will party all winter and the soil will be free of perennial plants in the spring to make planting easier. Additionally we have put in for a grant with the state for a no till ripper to put on the tractor tool bar to make bed prep more efficient and only open up the soil right where the plants will go.

Rolling hay over cardboard

Last year a large share received on average 12 lbs. of food each week, and mediums 7.5 lbs. The price remains the same at $650 for large shares and $425 for mediums. And the shares run from June through November. Read all the details here. mhof-printable-csa-form-2019. Early sign ups help us with cash flow, so joining now is very much appreciated. We continue to have pick ups here at the farm in Barre, in two locations in Holden and 1 in Worcester. And we especially invite SNAP participants to participate in our CSA. Almost every week you will receive a newsletter with all sorts of ideas for how to prepare your food and lots of news from the farm.

We are looking for working shareholders this year. Join the farm team and get your share in exchange for your work. Our expectation is that you work from 8-12 on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday and you are invited to lunch. It is a great way to learn farming, make friends, get exercise and otherwise have a great time. And there are opportunities to make a little extra money delivering shares to Holden or Worcester each week also. Please call 978-355-2853 or email to find out more.

Enjoy this quiet end of the year where we all have the opportunity to contemplate and rejuvenate and celebrate the good things that life brings us.