It’s time to order your fresh Thanksgiving turkey!

We have sold about half of our turkeys – if you want one, it really is time to order!

We raise broad breasted white turkeys from Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster.

We go to great pains to keep our turkeys healthy and happy. We observe low stocking numbers in their movable pens and move them to fresh grass daily. They receive Certified Organic feed from Green Mountain Feeds, and protein- and nutrient-loaded fresh comfrey from our fields.

Choose between a hen (approx. 12-18 lbs.) or a tom (approx. 20-24 lbs.) when placing your order. The turkeys will cost $6/lb. and will be available to pick up on November 24 and 25.

Do you love turkey, but aren’t planning to gather this year (or are not yet sure what your feast might look like)? Consider making your own nutritious, delicious turkey stock to set you and yours up for a winter’s worth of soup – and the rich flavor of our birds will help make your soups better than ever before!

To make stock, put your bird’s carcass in a pot with water, sea salt and a splash of vinegar (to extract minerals), then boil until the meat falls off the bones. Take out the bones and freeze the stock by the quart with cooked meat still in it. Your soup will be ready in short order, with a rich base of nutrient and mineral rich broth that will support your health through the dark, cold days of winter. 

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