Good Neighbors Make Good Neighbors – Matt Kornn

I am sure that you all have heard the aphorism “Good fences make good neighbors.” I was struck by this quote above by Matt, MHOF working shareholder and attendee at our Hedgerows and Permaculture workshop on Saturday. I have been inspired by Matt’s quote for the rest of the weekend, as I ponder how I can be more neighborly to each of the people I come in contact each week.  And then if we were all to expand that concept to a global perspective, I suspect we could accomplish world peace in a twinkle of an eye.

Jono Neiger is a very gifted permaculturalist with an encyclopedic memory and knowledge of native plants, and systems for working with perennials for food, shelter, landscaping, and fencing. 12 of us spent a very pleasant 5 hours on Saturday learning from Jono and sharing the significant knowledge that was present around the table as we focused on the wonderful world of perennials. For Jack and me it was a very inspirational and educational way to spend the day; and the folks helped us split 50 lbs. of garlic for planting! Many thanks to Jono who has been in this world of perennials and permaculture all his professional life.

Expressing Gratitude this Week

Jennifer Peck has moved into a larger role with MHOF over the past couple of weeks. She is now working Monday, Friday, and often on Tuesdays if Jackson, almost three, can manage the 5-hour stint. Jennifer grew up on farms and knows how to work hard and fast – in the field, and also in the kitchen, where we do so much food prep. As our communications director (she does a lot of this at home and we sit together each Thursday for an h our and a half to do special marketing projects), she excels at photography. She is starting to put together a bank of really attractive photos. I am very grateful that she has upped her personal investment in MHOF and appreciate all her talents that she brings.

Eloise and Jennifer enjoying a moment together


Sam will turn 22 on Tuesday. We said goodbye to her on Saturday. She is heading to a new adventure in Colorado later this week

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Freezing peppers for winter

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Freezing kale

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Leslie turned 62 this week!

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Pigs in new digs again

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CSA News Week 20

Here is the line up for this week.
Best guess on what will be in your share bags this week

  • CSA
    • An Asian or two
    • Hakurei turnips or radishes
    • Parsley
    • Cilantro
    • Beet thinnings
    • Celery
    • Summer Squash for some
    • Winter squash
    • Arugula
    • Potatoes
    • Onions
    • Collards

Deer damage

I do try to not obsess about things, but the deer really have me down. First they were eating a little bit of our chard, then they wiped out the entire three beds in the west field. Then the lettuce over there, then the lettuce in the pond field, then the kale, then the chard in the south field, and then the cilantro, the fall carrots and the fall beets, coming closer and closer to the house. Son Dan says the damage is happening because the word is out in the deer world that the nutrient density is high on this farm and all the deer neighbors, aunts, uncles and cousins are coming to enjoy. Antonia, our archer, is coming out soon to hunt them with a bow, and bringing her friends. I have been staking one of Skippy and Dingo in the west field at night to scare them away, but now they are over here, so this week, we will stake the dogs out separately. We’ll see.

Ellen’s Cleanse

I am excited to be offering a 7 Day Cleanse beginning October 23rd

This Cleanse follows my newer Cleanse format, which involves you receiving a full menu plan with daily recipes (and suggested replacements as needed), and a shopping list with exactly what you need to get for the 7 days. I ran this type of Cleanse for the first time last autumn, and then again this spring, and it was a real hit!
This Cleanse is perfect if you are an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan! And I will of course be providing education about some of the important nutrition hot topics like oxalates, histamine and lectins on this Cleanse, and helping you to determine if you need to go deeper than just avoiding the main inflammatory foods (which is the basis for this Cleanse).

All the Cleanse details are here:

I have 4 guest presenters this time around, who will be assisting me with the education and inspiration aspect of the Cleanse!

We’ll have:

  1. Two live movement classes to join in with if you wish
  2. Practices to support nervous system regulation with a qualified practitioner
  3. A class on making digestive bitters (one of the MOST important things you can be doing to optimize digestion!)
  4. Guided exercises for clearing stagnation from the brain, head and sense organs – this takes decluttering to a whole new level!

Plus a couple Zooms with me, my office hours where you can connect privately with me, daily email support, and of course 30 brand new recipes that you’ve never seen before!

Blessings of good health to you and yours! I look forward to supporting you for a healthy reset if you’re feeling the call to lighten the load this fall!


Fall Share all sold out!

Now we cross our fingers and hope that we can keep some of our fall greens safe from the deer!

Farm Doin’s

Huge progress on the chicken house – Jonathan, John and Stu accomplished getting the rafters up this week.

We harvested the squash,

Julie and Clare discussing whether to put the squash in the barn or directly into the basement

finished planting the hoop houses,

nd almost finished the carrot weeding. Clare and I had a great time cleaning out the main floor of the barn and stacking onions and garlic, in readiness for the winter squash for short term storage before frost hits.

Harvesting Asian greens


Carlos with a Chinese cabbage

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