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  • Bring us your milk jugs

    Bring us your 1 gallon milk jugs with lids

    Looking for a way to help the farm? We use recycled milk jugs filled with water as a means to hold down our row covers. Would you like to hold onto them and bring them to the farm? We would be much obliged and can move away from rocks which tear the fabric in the row covers.

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  • April News from the Farm

    April News from the Farm

    Dear Friends of Many Hands Organic Farm,
    Though I had despaired, at times in March, that there really would be a spring this year, and subsequent vegetables and fruits, it seems that we are to be blessed with another growing season this year. The snow all finally melted around April 16 or so, and the cows are eating up every little bit of grass that pokes its head up in the west field. They will reside there in that field, supplemented by hay, for another 2 or so weeks until we move them to pasture, which we hope to be around 8” tall when we move them.

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  • March News from the Farm

    Hi MHOF friends and customers,
    Wow, have I been errant in the writing department. I think I will blame it all on our very nice trip to India and Sri Lanka that Jack and I took the last two weeks of February while you all were still in the throes of lots of cold and lots of snow. Yes, it was in the 80’s there every day. And we did see cows on the street, and in cute little very small dairies right in the urban neighborhood – providing raw milk for the neighbors delivered daily to your door.

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  • January News From the Farm

    Dear friend of MHOF,

    New ordering capability and new prices are now available. We always enjoy your early orders and payments to help with early season cash flow. Right now we are ordering seeds, paying for bulk fertility items and supplies, paying annual insurance fees, etc.

    Highlights for 2015 are below. Please pay special attention to our chicken, pork and beef supply. Beef is available for 2015 but in limited quantity. We will be raising half the amount of chicken and pigs this year. Order early to avoid disappointment.


    For the second year running, we will offer a large share and a

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  • CSA Shares and pre-order meat now available for 2015


    For the second year running, we will offer a large share and a medium share that will run for 22 weeks. The season will run from June 1 – October 30.

    The shares will include fruit in season as available. Fruit offerings might include apples, peaches, strawberries and pears; this changes yearly.


    Check the Meat page for our 2015 offerings.


    Back from 2013, beef will again be available in December 2015.


    Egg prices will stay $7/dozen.


    Old layers (for soup stocks) will be available on October 4th for $15/bird.

    Meat chickens

    We will only be raising 200 birds this year to

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  • October News From the Farm

    Many Hands Organic Farm
    411 Sheldon Road, Barre, MA 01005, (978) 355-2853;


    October News From the Farm
    Many Hands Organic Farm
    Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge; 978-355-2853
    Hi folks,
    I figured I had better get on it if I am to write to you in October. I sit at my desk on the last day of our 2014 CSA. We always breathe a sigh of relief when we make it through without a snow storm and the season slows down while still providing plenty of bounty. This year both counts were true!
    Before I go any further I want to ask your indulgence to consider

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  • Week 17 News

    • CSA Newsletter Week 17 – September 22, 24, 26
    • Starting week – week of June 2
    • Ending week – week of October 27
    • 6 Weeks to go – including this one

    Dear MHOF eaters,
    The past few days of warm weather were very much appreciated. It gives crops a little boost forward as every day counts now for some things to make it to harvest – especially our new plantings of Asian greens and spinach (imminent), beets and carrots that are juvenile, and youngsters of radish, turnip, spinach, cilantro, arugula and lettuce seedlings.

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  • 2014 Summer CSA Week 16 Newsletter

    • CSA Newsletter Week 16 – September 15, 17, 19
    • Starting week – week of June 2
    • Ending week – week of October 27
    • 7 Weeks to go – including this one

    Hi folks,

    Wow, the weather is really cooling off. The prediction for Thursday night is 39 degrees – which by the time we get there might even mean frost. September (except for that one week of true summer that we got) is holding with this year’s pattern of being on the colder side.

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  • September News From the Farm

    Dear Friends,

    It has been a long time since I have written to you. As usual, there is not enough time to do important things like get enough sleep, much less keep up on correspondence in summer. Over the past week, however, it seems my life is coming back to me. I am catching up on my email, thinking about house cleaning for the big Kittredge extravaganza at Thanksgiving, doing more music, and getting excited about plans for the farm in 2015!
    But before 2015 happens, we have a lot of soon to be tasty meat, still in living form, growing happily on the farm. The first to exit the stage will

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  • Week 15 CSA News

    Newsletter Week 15

    • CSA Newsletter Week 15 – September 8, 10, 12
    • Starting week – week of June 2
    • Ending week – week of October 27
    • 8 Weeks to go – including this one

    Hi folks,
    Sorry to not get this out in time for the Monday delivery this week. My biggest concern is that you know what to do with those soybeans that were (or will be) in your bag this week. They are the plants with the leaves attached. The soybeans – or edamame – are a very nice treat that you will receive over the next two weeks. Strip the pods off the plant, then start some boiling water.

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