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I suppose that for many, the end of November is not that much different from the beginning of December. But here at the farm the turkeys are dead, the veggies are almost all dead, the chickens are now in their winter house, and the pigs are only with us for 2 ½ more short weeks. […]

The Thanksgiving Tradition

In my observation, Thanksgiving is the most practiced tradition in the country. For instance, the heaviest travel day of the year is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, the day right after Thanksgiving. It is a big day, and the lead up to it, at Many […]

The Know It All

Yes, that might be me. I have spent my life feeling strongly about many things, and for most of it I have been working on how to get those strong feelings imparted without turning folks off! I interviewed Jack last night to find out how it is to be married to such a person. He […]

Big Dog

Halloween No Newsletter next week. Jack and I are attending a Celebration of Life in MD over the week end. Julie Big Dog That is what Chuk calls him. I prefer to think of him as a gentle giant. Either way, Jonathan Anderson has been a wonderful addition to the MHOF staff. We met years […]