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Sacred Reciprocity

What an incredible week it has been. Each day has featured time with some wonderful folks on the farm. Here is just a small slice. Earlier in the summer, we got a call from Ryan looking for some certified organic piglets. As it turns out, they are in very short supply, because most folks don’t […]

Zip Up

As life has settled down a bit on the farm, I have gotten back into some healthy routines that I have no problem following in the winter, but which fall to the wayside in the busy summer months. Concurrent to dropping these practices my old challenges of weak knees and sore hips and fatigue soon […]

To Love and to Cherish

Jack and I passed our 44th wedding anniversary this past Friday. Daughter Ellen called us up at 3:30 and asked what we were up to. We were cutting up cherry tomatoes to dry and pulling grapes off of their stems for making into juice. She commented that it seemed like we must be pretty happy […]


We have been hoping and wishing for rain for a long time now, and it was quite exciting when Friday’s thunderstorm came tearing through. We were all happily processing tomatoes, cabbage, garlic and peaches in the kitchen when Christy called to say that we were locked in on both ends of Sheldon Road with downed […]


As August moves into its second half and the early crops in the field start to wane, it is an easy jump to consider our own aging. I was able to put those thoughts at bay for several decades, but as Jack and I attend more funerals of our friends, thoughts of our own deaths […]