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  • Week 14 News

    Newsletter Week 14

    • CSA Newsletter Week 14 – September 2, 3, 5
    • Starting week – week of June 2
    • Ending week – week of October 27
    • 9 Weeks to go – including this one
    • Labor Day Week – Monday, September 1 CSA will be moved to Tuesday, September 2

    Hi folks,
    Hello from your errant newsletter editor. We are really short staffed, and I am organizing these two big events for Monday and Tuesday, and the newsletter dropped to the bottom of the list.

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  • Week 13 News

    Newsletter coming - don't forget that Monday folks will be picking up on Tuesday, September 2.

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  • Week 12 News

    Hi folks,
             Things just seem to be happening around here in the bad news department. It became clear a couple of weeks ago that one of our highest performing employees was back on heroin. It looked like he caught himself, but just as I am writing this, I got a call from him letting me know that he has slipped again. And another employee has been out with health issues, hopefully to return to work today.

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  • Week 10

    Hi folks,
    Welcome to August – considered the “harvest month” in this part of the country. And harvest it is. We have the following food to look forward to this week. Cabbage or broccoli, chard, turnips, lettuce, squash, cukes, beans, mint, oregano, garlic, basil, carrots, kale. Our older beans are starting to wane a bit, but should be replaced in a couple of weeks by our pole beans. Carrots are finally in. They are the most challenging crop for me. They can’t be transplanted, and the weeds always arrive before the carrot seedlings, making it hard to establish a good bed of them.

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  • CSA Shares and Pre-order Meat now available for 2015


    For the second year running, we will offer a large share and a medium share that will run for 22 weeks. The season will run from June 1 – October 30.The shares will include fruit in season as available. Fruit offerings might include apples, peaches, strawberries and pears; this changes yearly.

    Meat - Check the Meat page for our 2015 offerings.

    Beef -Back from 2013, beef will again be available in December 2015.

    Eggs - Egg prices will stay $7/dozen.

    Layers - Old layers (for soup stocks) will be available on October 4th for $15/bird.

    Meat chickens  - We will only be raising 200 birds this

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  • Week 9 News

    Hi folks,
    Sorry for the longer than expected hiatus on the farm newsletter. As it seems to always turn out this time of year, there are just not enough hours in the day, and on each day I need to make a determination which responsibility I will let go . . . The good news is that August is coming very soon.

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  • Week 6

    Hi folks,
    NO NEWSLETTER NEXT WEEK – gone sailing . . . .

    Here is what you can expect in your bag this week

    • Beans
    • Summer squash/zucchini
    • Beets – we will finish cleaning out some beds this week – not super high quality
    • Cilantro from a new planting
    • Parsley – fantastic and vitamin and mineral packed
    • Garlic scapes – 6/4
    • Kale
    • Collards – another kale like dark leafy green that is of superb quality this year on our farm
    • Green onions – 2 more weeks for these, probably
    • Peas  - there will be sugar snaps and shell peas, and they may be mixed in with your beans.

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  • Week 5

    Hi folks,
    Remember Friday, folks, that you pick up on Thursday this week – and I hope everyone has a great 4th of July.
    July is the hardest month, for me, anyway, on the farm. Last week our baby calves came – Spot and Shy. Next week the second batch of broiler meat birds and the Thanksgiving turkeys join the scene. The heat can be unbearable – this week will be in the upper 80’s, there is still more to be planted, and the weeds keep forcing our hands.

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  • Week 4

    Hi folks,
    Please note, you Friday folks, that next week, the CSA will run on the 3rd, not the 4th. In terms of pick up, I am sure Teresa would be okay with you picking up on Friday as necessary, and it is okay to pick up Friday here too, but it will be ready in Holden by 3, and here by 1 pm – Thursday, July 3.
    As we go into week four of the CSA we are in a bit of a transition time. We will be cleaning out the hoop houses this week and have some mix of parsley, arugula, carrots of medium quality (good taste but not really sized up),  chard, and mix that with the wild greens, Asians.

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  • Week 3

    Hi folks,
    It will be short today. Too much going on this past weekend!
    Here is what you can expect in your bag this week –

    • Lettuce – 4 – we are over-stocked right now, so you will get a plenty
    • Arugula – holding nicely this week and not going to seed
    • Turnip – I hope you are snacking on these raw and remembering to use the greens too
    • Wild greens – we will go one more week on these. I have been adding them to soup and feeling to amazingly clean and healthy after the experience (chopped fine) and I hear they are good as tea
    • Green onions – in good quality and quantity
    • Peppermint – our crop is

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