2018 MHOF CSA Shares Now Available

2018 MHOF CSA Shares Now Available

January 8, 2018

No time like the present to sign up to become a member of the Many Hands Organic Farm CSA. This is our 27th season and we know how to do it! Each year you get more for your money as our quality continues to improve and quantity is very generous too. Our prices have stayed the same for multiple years. You can’t beat the taste and nutrition of our super nutrient dense produce. You will receive vegetables, fruit and herbs with eggs as an add-on.

2018-CSA-order-form (pdf)

Here are a handful of testimonials from our CSA shareholders–

“Absolutely beautiful!  Getting this CSA share has been one of our best decisions along with getting the fresh eggs.  Thanks for all that you do. Rich”

“I should say weekly applause.  This season to date has been spectacular!  I know it’s a holiday w/e, but I am so full of food appreciation and happiness that I’m bursting!  In fact, some mushrooms and green pepper in the saute pan now.  Eggs going in later.  Tomatoes at the very end.   . . .. What’s an email without a comment about the lovely fresh eggs?  The girls are doing a great job as always. Hope you have a Labor Day w/e that’s just what you want it to be.  Know that we CSA subscribers appreciate all the labor and love that goes into the MHOF offerings.  Nancy”

“It has been a smooth transition, but I consider life on your farm to be far more real than sitting at this desk! You and your crew are some of the hardest working, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I miss you all! Unpacking my bag on Wednesday was like Christmas morning. It made me a little sad that I didn’t get to help pick or pack any of the food, but I got over it when I found the cabbage! It was so pretty! I’m turning it into sauerkraut. Cory”

“Thank you for the weekly bounty! I’m so glad you reached out and brought us back into your fold. I have really enjoyed learning new ways to use these gifts. I was surprised how much I enjoyed sautéed Lamb’s Quarters (with garlic scape) and the berries were amazing!!  Every day kale and chard are enjoyed in our morning smoothies. And now I have my husband eating so many more veggies. Last weekend he finally admitted he liked squash. But I think it’s because it was your squash, so sweet and perfect, that I steamed with parsley for a change. Amazing summer side! Keep up what I know is hard and frustrating work. But you’re doing great!  Thank you. Caroline”