You Gotta Pause – Iyanla Vanzant

I ran into this person on a free advertisement/interview for the 14 day Tapping Summit that starts on February 28 (Nick Ortner) – . That is free too, and worth looking into if you subscribe to the notion that one can tap on one’s acupuncture points while reprogramming them with positive statements. I will probably check it out. I do encourage you to check out Iyanla regardless, an inspirational person who has been through all sorts of life and has a grace and personal powerfulness that is infectious. I am going to pause for the next 12 days as I belatedly make a major investment in addressing my congenital and complicated eye issues – light hypersensitivity due to albinism, only modestly correctable limited vision, crossed eyes, impaired binocular vision, and nystagmus. It involves heading to Northampton each day for Multi-Sensory Training, followed by light therapy for 20 days and then 12 weeks of vision therapy (the latter two accomplished at home). Trained to consider others first and as a lifelong adherent to the idea that self-sacrifice is the way to serve humanity, it has been a challenge in the second half of my life to realize that investment in my physical, mental, emotional, creative and spiritual health and growth is probably the first necessary step toward truly serving others.
So, this rag is going on vacation for the next two weeks (February 21 and 28). I need to find 28 hours per week somewhere, and this is one of the cuts. Meanwhile, we will hope to finish the blue house, start onions and leeks, and start the fruit tree pruning; but more on that when we resume publication on March 7.

Never too early to join the CSA
I am sure it seems a long time away, but when you put some of your money down now, we can continue to pay our bills and you are assured a spot in our 22-26 weeks of outstanding produce – vegetables of all sorts, herbs and tree fruit. You can sign up here –  Thanks to the three folks who signed up this week! We have flyers and posters for those of you who can use them to introduce others to the CSA. Contact me at

Large shares in the bag on June 28

Working Shareholders
We are well set for Friday working shareholders, but are in need of folks for Mondays and Wednesdays. On Monday you get the pleasure of working alongside the kids from Stetson School, as an additional benefit. Read more here on what working shareholders “get” –

Can you imagine being as happy as Deb is washing dishes!

Job Opening at MHOF
Yes, this is still open! But we are getting closer. Nick is looking for housing for his partner and himself close to Barre that has good internet access for her virtual job. Anyone have any good leads? Pass them on to me. Clare and I had a great work session with Nick on Saturday followed by conversation and snacks with Jack.

Many Hands Organic Farm is looking for a full-time farmer. We are a certified organic highly diverse family farm in Barre, MA raising vegetables (2 acres), large and small fruit (1 acre), pigs (8 seasonal), chickens for eggs (175) and meat (250-300), and turkeys (100-150). We focus heavily on carbon sequestering methods on our 55 acres of land and prioritize maximum nutrition and biodiversity and stacking of enterprises. We are no/low till. In Barre for now 40 years, we offer a lot of wisdom and perspective to aspiring farmers looking to gain agricultural understanding. You must be physically strong and have a positive and convivial attitude. Duties include animal, vegetable, fruit management, machine and hand work, carpentry, some chain sawing, sometimes leading volunteers, food preservation and making value added products – you name it, we do it. We start at $15/hour and will pay more depending on experience (and hustle) for 40 hours of work each week (Monday – Friday), with a rare need on weekends. Omnivorous meals (breakfast, lunch and morning snacks) are provided. We are looking to hire as early as March 1 and have work through the year, with fewer hours over the winter months. Apply to or call 978-355-2853. Check us out at Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge

Lyme and the Buhner Protocol

Here is another great recipe for Lyme healing, and it is tasty too.

One can of coconut milk
1 T of turmeric
½ T of powdered ginger
½ t of cinnamon
2 T of honey or maple syrup
Pinch or more of Cayenne up to your tolerance
Grind fresh pepper into this

Warm it up and mix well and enjoy this very anti-inflammatory and restorative drink.

Covid Corner
I took a couple weeks off on this topic. Perhaps you, as I, get tired of this topic. But I listened to the Ron Johnson 5 hours of testimony US Senate hearing from January. Loaded with expert physicians, PhD’s, researchers and in the trenches doctors, this hearing is loaded with pertinent information on all topics of the pandemic. – Thanks Leslie, for sending the link.

On Farm videos on this and that

February 9 soaking and drying kale and chard before planting in greenhouse.

Mixing up the transplant drench that we use for starting seeds.

Preparing seed flats for seeding.

Planting the seeds.

Covering the seeds.

Watering the seeds with transplant drench.

Farm store hours
M-F – 12-1 pm
Tuesday 5-7
Friday 5-7
Always call ahead to be sure of supply.

Available this week

  1. Free range organic eggs at $8/dozen – we newly added free choice kelp to their now full farm free range lifestyle.
  2. holy basil, burdock, in 2 ounce bottles – $12
  3. frozen certified organic applesauce – just the apples cooked down in water – $7/quart
  4. 2 ounce jars of comfrey salve – $10 each
  5. 2 ounce jars of hemp salve – $10 each
  6. 2 ounce jars of calendula salve – $10 each
  7. garlic powder – $10/2 ounce
  8. frozen pork stock – $7.50/quart
  9. frozen chicken stock – $7.50/quart
  10.  frozen pork cuts –regular ribs, ground pork and roasts – $12/lb.
  11.  ham and bacon – $18/lb.

Farm Doins

Clare and Adam and I spread some old liquid fertility in the south field last Monday.

While Joel and Gary hung hangers for our excess share bags on the second floor of the barn.

Wednesday Clare and I reattached the tracking on the E and W side of the blue house to later accept the wiggle wire over the plastic.

Laurie prepares root mash for lunch on Friday while Paula washes dishes.

Egg laying in process.

Bella volunteered on Friday and helped us clean out the yellow hoop house.

Prepping the yellow house.

South wall finished on blue house.

Yellow house prep done.

Franny rests after a hard day of work.

Nick and Clare do final bed prep while chickens look wistfully in from outside the door.

Nick adds the transplant drench.

Amazing how frozen the potting soil still is after a 55 degree day on Saturday!

Here is a must read. If you haven’t read Isabel Wilkerson’s “The Warmth of Other Suns”, you should, and this next book of hers, “Caste: The Origins of our Discontent”, is another masterpiece that discusses caste, and how it relates in the US to Nazi Germany and the caste system in India. This explicative work on caste and its impact on both the upper and lower castes is quite stimulating to intellect and emotion, with a call for our own turning aside of caste in our world.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread love all around you today. Talk to you on March 7