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“Politics” is derived from the juicier Greek word, “politeia,” which implies an active engagement in which people empower each other to enhance their communities.”  – Jean Houston I happened on to this quote Saturday morning in my Eden Energy feed. We talk about a lot of things while in the field, especially on a weeding […]

Feeding others

This is the title of one of the chapters of our upcoming book with Chelsea Green. As I wrote this chapter last fall, I decided to daily track how many meals would be served to people here each day in 2022. Right now, we are at 2,481 meals with 118 clocked in the past 7 […]

PFAS – per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances

Thanks, Rich, for sending over this article on sewage sludge and what it has done to farmland and the food grown on it. Here is the link: wsj.com/articles/maine-farmers-dump-milk-lose-crops-as-forever-chemicals-taint-soil-11656932400 (Note: it looks like some web browsers may require you to “create a free account” on the Wall Street Journal website in order to read the article. If you […]